The Different Car Parts and Their Purpose

The Different Car Parts and Their Purpose

The different car parts and their purpose fulfilled, makes the journey full of comfort and functionally efficient. If one can understand the purpose of each part it will help them in facing unwanted situations and maintaining it for increasing the life of the car.


The Engine is Heart of the Car

The engine is the large metal box that is most important than all components in the car, as it has importance similar to the heart in a human body. It is made up of blocks, pistons, heads, and valves that help the engine to burn fuel and create movement in the car body. A regular oil change is mandatory to keep the engine lubricated and prevent wear and tear. So, make sure that you use the right fuel that suits your car body. It can be diesel, ethanol, or gasoline, in modern electric vehicles electricity also act as fuel for the car.


The structure or framework of a car that serves as the base of the overall car parts is called chassis. There are different types of chassis build over the years serving in different ways. The oldest backbone chassis has a single tubular structure with a connection to front and back suspension. It is the easiest to draw chassis, but costly and complicated to manufacture. In past the side accidents turned deadly in sports cars. Because of safety concerns the mass level manufacturing discontinued.

The monochrome or unibody chassis took the position of backbone chassis. The chassis on which has different parts install separately falls under ladder frame or body on frame. So in case of collision instead of the whole car body suffering the loss the damaged part bore everything and can be replace. It supports better off-road experience in SUVs and Trucks. Acting as life-saver reducing the chances of collisions that can be high and more deadly. Hence a chassis keeps the car parts joined together.

Gear Box (Transmission)

If the engine is responsible for the movement of a car, transmission controls that movement for a safe drive. The transmission is a gearbox with different gears to transfer a specific amount of power from engine to wheel. There are diverse ranges of gears depending on the car you purchase, but mostly there are 5-6 gears including reverse.
The manual, and automatic transmission are two basic types of gear box. The automatic transmission further divides into column automatic, floor automatic transmission, depending on the location of gear. It is a semi automatic transmission if the driver manage the clutch functions. In fully automatic car it perform the clutch function on its own.

These are the top three car parts, although a single car has almost 30,000 parts counting the smaller ones like screws too.

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