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Car Care Tips- Surviving In Scorching Heat

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As we have customers across the globe, so in some parts of the world it is summers, while for others it is winter. Today we are addressing those who have their cars surviving the scorching heat. The summers can cause much more damage to your car in comparison to any other weather, as it tests the durability of your car to the limits.

20% increase in roadside callouts is observed in summers

(Holts Auto)

If you are well-prepared the chances are that your car will survive this part of the year without support.

Schedule Car Maintenance before Season

If you do not want to visit the mechanic continuously and in the severe breakdown, make sure that you have your car checked before anything surface. Although it purely depends on the condition of the car and your usage, it is recommended to have it completely serviced once a year or in extreme weather/ car condition once every six months.

A Few Quick Tips

Here are few quick car care tips in scorching heat that can be done once the car is ready to drive.

Use Sunshield

Park in The Shade

Heat can cause a great issue to machinery, and the car is no exception. So make sure that wherever you go, park under shade. There are car covers that are in shade form, so if you live in an area with extreme heat conditions, make sure that you invest in them.

Use Sunshield

The interior of the car is as important as the exterior. So make sure that you invest in a good sun shield. We mostly get sun shield with a new car, but for scorching heat, it is necessary to have something with extra protective material. This investment will prevent cracking of plastic in the interior and help in lowering the temperature.

Leave Gap in Window

A simple tip of leaving a small gap in the window while parking it helps in keeping interior cool. It causes air ventilation that makes the interior temperature low. But if you live in a windy area or have frequent sand-storms, do it when you can keep a check on the car.

Circulate Through Air Conditioning System

Here your maintenance of air conditioning will have a major role. With a bit of window open and AC recirculation mode, you will get a cool car fast. Air conditioning does not have to work hard due to fresh air support. So in limited time and not much AC maintenance requirement, you will be able to drive in the scorching heat.

Wipe the Interior

The cotton towel absorbs heat quite well, so when it comes in contact with plastic or metal surface it helps it cool down. Keep a hand towel and water bottle handy in the car. Once you plan to drive enter the car with a wet portion of the towel. Swipe seats, steering wheel and windscreen with it for a cool experience.

Take special care of brakes, car fluid, and tires; we are positive that your car will survive this hot weather, while you enjoy the driving experience.

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