KIA and Mitsubishi- Who Wins the Game

KIA and Mitsubishi- Who Wins the Game

When you compare two giant car brands like Kia and Mitsubishi, there are chances of one having an edge on the other in one aspect. While the other wins the game elsewhere. Here will be having an honest comparison mixed with individual opinion.

History of Innovation

Kia has been in the market since a pretty long time has its roots back in the year 1944. Initially it came as a steel tubing and bicycle parts manufacturer. This automobile brand is the second-largest South Korean manufacturer following Hyundai. Interestingly Hyundai has a 33.88% stake of the company. It depicts that when the global competition is tough you should partner with local competition.

Mitsubishi automobiles originate backs to 1917.It has the privilege of being the first series-production automobile for Japan named Mitsubishi Model A. Nissan owns one-third of its share. Additionally, it is the sixth-largest Japanese automaker and stands at the nineteenth position on the global front.

In our opinion, Mitsubishi has an upper edge on Kia, because of being in the market for long. It has made better collaboration as Nissan has much better technology in comparison to Hyundai.

Technology Innovation

Kia has a special focus on futuristic technology, ensuring that drivers enjoy the latest mobility option. The advanced technology identifies the changing needs and emotions of customers. This helps to provide customized driving space that has intuitive technology to support. It has the Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving System also called R.E.A.D that optimizes the inside environment. Therefore the sound, lighting, temperature, scent, or seat vibration everything is taken through AI machine learning.

The technology in Mitsubishi is a mix of being environmentally responsible, driving pleasure, toughness, and safety. It has a robust and indigenous design that is built on the past but has a futuristic approach. There are concept cars available that are working on the next generation effect while there are production cars that express the technology-love on road.

The manufacturer brings Mitsubishi-ness to keeping the future in a proper perspective.

(Mitsubishi Motors)

It has a name in providing heavy machinery solutions, having technology that one can rely on. My verdict is that Mitsubishi wins in the game of technology.


The way forward in the automobile world is through collaborations. Kia understands this and has done several collaborations including the world tour 2019 with the Black-Pink band from Korea. This shows the strategy of promoting their roots yet being global. It has done collaborations on autonomous driving technology taking its partner Hyundai in the loop. It is working on food delivery, smart logistic, ride-hailing, and mobile shops by being an autonomous car provider. Hyundai is using the latest technology of drone and delivery robot.

To stand as an autonomous driving technology the collaboration infographic can be checked through this link.

The collaborations on the level of Mitsubishi are more of a sustaining position by working on showcasing what they already have. Hence, they are more towards motor-sports and auto shows that need to change considering the current no-touch economic boom.

Consequently, here Kia seems to be going at the right pace and in futuristic direction. We leave it to you that in Kia and Mitsubishi who wins the game.

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