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Japanese Used Car Trader – Key Instructions to Deal With Online Trader in Japan to Import a Japanese Used Cars

by preownedautoblog

Japanese Used Car Trader

117In Japan used cars trading includes small autos, trucks, SUV’s and large farming vehicles. The reason behind the good image of any Japanese used car trader is not the way they trade but the Japanese technology, good condition of Japanese roads, compulsory annual inspection law and last but not the least is the favorable auto maintenance habits of people in Japan of using their cars with great care.

Instructions of Japanese Used Car Trader

  • Conduct a detailed research about the product. JETRO, Japan Export Trade Organization and the (JEIC), U.S. Department of Commerce’s Japan Export Information Center are the best places to find information like existence of related tariff and non-tariff barriers and report in Japan used car trader market including mark-up rates in U.S.A or any other part of the world.
  • There are certain trade terms for import/export market that are to be learned such as;

1.      INCOTERMS (Internationally recognized trade terms)

2.      FOB (Free on Board)

3.      CIF (Cost insurance and freight)

It is important to learn these terms to properly calculate the costs of imports, or it is better to consult a trade attorney before making the transaction with any Japanese used cars trader.

  • Find Japanese used car trader and auctioneers. There are various online portals for Japan used cars trading and auctions, but most, if not all, ask for deposit before they let you bid. But there are many online Japanese used car trader (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) that offer free registration that allows free access to the used cars stocks, auction history price searches, and stock tracking.

Understand the Japanese Style of negotiation before making a transaction with any Japanese used car trader. In Japan used cars trader likes flexible but long term relationship. At these Japanese used cars trader sites you can become a member for free and get access to huge stocks, up and coming auctions, and can buy and import your dream car in your home country and city.

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