Here are some new ways to – Wax Your Own Car

Here are some new ways to – Wax Your Own Car

Most people tend to wash their cars frequently, but what they do not do is wax it. Waxing is a great way to make the car look good and protect its exteriors at the same time. Most people are afraid of waxing their cars themselves, and while it does take some effort, the result makes it very worth it. When you see your car shining, you will be able to admire it. Waxing your car is not that difficult, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

For starters, you will need a few things. This includes soap and chamois to wash the car, a good quality car wax, a microfiber towel, a wax pad, a soft detailing brush, and a random orbital buffer. Next, you need to follow the next few steps to get a perfect car waxing:

Buy a good quality automobile wax:

You can choose from Carnauba wax made from Brazilian palm tree leaves and paint sealant made from polymer. Both types of wax can be found at any auto store or even at big retail stores. Choosing a wax brand depends on your price range, but it is better to choose a mid-priced one. Wax can be available in tub, spray, or liquid form.

Wash the car before you begin:

It is preferable to apply the wax on a clean and dried car. You can either wash it yourself or take it to a car wash before waxing it. This helps get rid of any dirt or grease from the surface of the car that may prevent the wax from scratching the car’s paint. Some special areas to focus on are the door handles, door jambs, and the underside transition area. Most importantly, make sure to dry the vehicle completely before you begin to apply the wax.

Read the instructions on the package:

Depending on the type and brand used, the way to apply the wax may or may not differ. The instructions on the package will tell you the best method of applying the wax so you can get the optimal results in the end.

Apply wax on the pad:

If using wax from a tub, open the package and take out the pad. Under it, there should be another lid, under which you will find the wax. If using wax in a liquid paint sealant form, you will have to apply the sealant on the waxing pad directly. For wax paste and liquid paint sealant, you only need to take a small amount of product, because as you continue waxing, the pad will get more and more saturated with the product.

Choose which area you want to begin waxing from:

You need to choose sections and work on them in order so that the wax is not sitting on the car for too long and becomes hard. An ideal place to start is the front fender of the car and then working around the car in designated sections.

Wax using a circular motion:

When applying the wax, use small, circular motions with a thin amount of product. It is best to apply it in either a vertical or a horizontal row of circles so you cover the whole area. After the wax begins to dry, it will appear a bit chalky and matte.

Remove the wax:

Use a soft cloth like a microfiber towel to remove the wax with gentle pressure and circular motions. After most of the wax is off, you can buff the car with fast circular motions to get a better shine and luster from the paint. Now look back and admire your shiny and glossy car.

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