Used Electric Cars – Are They Worth-It

Used Electric Cars – Are They Worth-It
The used electric cars are affordable in older models as their value depreciates much more with the usage. That makes people want to test and drive the electric car, having experience with the environment-friendly nuclear family commute. As a used car cannot match the speed and efficiency of a new electric car, so the judgment parameter should not be the same. The old model electric car (EV) can be placed as the second or third vehicle in the family fleet that is used for short trips only. Here we will discuss if the used electric car is worth it or not for purchase.

Affordability Edge

The used electric cars have affordability edge as the older model has accelerated rate of depreciation. The demand for the car is pretty low, as people prefer traditional cars. It is because of knowing the maintenance factors better and the way to fill fuel is easier. The government on the other hand gives rebates in driving an eco-friendly car.

Limited Range on Charge

The downside is that charging can be an issue in older models, as the public DC Fast Charge might not work for them. In countries with limited charging kiosk, the use of EV can further be a hassle. This reduces the demand for these cars making the cost of production high and resale value low.

Depreciate with Time

As told previously unlike traditional cars EV depreciate fast. It is because of battery issues too. There are times when buying a used electric car costs less in comparison to buying its battery later. The way to cater to this issue is to check how much warranty is available for the battery before making a purchase. As mostly there is an eight-year or 100,000 miles warranty, whichever happens first. So keep a mileage check covered too. Also, know this that the higher the mileage the least price should be charged. As even 17000 mileage reduces the price to almost half.

Weather Impacts Battery

The cold weather can impact the performance of the battery greatly. Those who live in extreme weather swings should especially check the operating range. The use of the air-conditioning system in hot weather also impacts the performance of battery that can be a permanent loss in many cases. The researchers at Idaho National Laboratory found that plug-in electric vehicles have 25% more effect because of temperature variation. You can check their research here.

Drive Test to Counter “as is” Factor

Used cars are sold with “as is” factors, where you need to decide if you want to go for the car or not. Once you have made the payment all the defects and faults in the car are your responsibility. You should drive the car to a certain long distance to get a complete feel of the drive. Do have a history of car checked through authentic mediums and have a tech-mechanic inspect the car before you buy it. The buying of the used electric car requires tactful handling, technical knowledge, and being street-smart. If you are committed to have a plug-in car, do research and go for it.
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