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Unbelievably Easy Ways to Fix Scratches on Your Car

by preownedautoblog
easy way to fix scratches on your car shown with a dinky car

Car scratches can be of different depth, so the solution varies, but there are easy ways to fix scratches on your car too. As the car paint has three layers so depending on the damage done the solution varies. If the scratch is on the third layer of clear coat, you can follow a number of do-it-yourself solutions. In case it has impacted the primer layer just above bare metal you are in trouble. Even if the middle base color is impacted the solution we provide might not work.

Having kids in the neighborhood can make you face the situation as I did. I came home for a ten minutes short break from work and when I returned my car had a scratch. I looked around and saw kids playing, they saw me and came to say sorry. Their innocent faces made me forgive them, but I researched for potential alternatives.


You can use toothpaste available at home for the purpose of scratch removal. It blurs the scratch on the uneven surface so the scratch is less visible. In case it is such a minor one that cannot be identified, by using this method you can be sure that it will not be visible to others in second glance after the treatment. As it buffs out, so make sure that you remove dust particles before this treatment or the scratch will have dust particles glued damaging the car body. The process is simple, use a soft cloth and squeeze the toothpaste. Rub it generally in a circular way till you can no longer see the scratch.

Shoe Polish

This product best works on light scratches that have car color matching to a darker tone shoe polish. Clean the car surface is surrounding as before treatment it is necessary. Take a shoe polish in a darker color than your car and spread it on the scratched area. The polish will settle in the scratched areas, small dents, and scuff on the surface of the paint. Use sandpaper next and sand down the area around the imperfection. Use sandpaper gently as it can damage the second layer if done too much. But make sure to sand enough that the imperfection of filled-in is gone.This is the second easy ways to fix scratches on your car

Scratch Kit- The Last Resort

There are many options available online for removing car scratches, you can check the range of reviews on Amazon by clicking here.

You can check for a kit that has sandpaper, drilling attachment to apply the compound and polish. You clear out the car surface as usual and sand down till the scratch disappears. You use the polish to restore the shine after your working.

Many car scratch kits have complete details on applying it. So check that out too.
It should be kept in mind that at times the scratches are uneven and have depth too. In such cases having an opinion with the mechanic will be a time-saver. Go to your reliable mechanic and take an opinion in case you think that scratch is severe. The easy way to test it is by running a finger gently on scratch, but make sure that you have scrutinized for the potential sharp surface before you run this test.

The scratch on my car was not that deep, so my car still has my toothpaste on that scratch.

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