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Top 7 Cars That Give You Better Leg Space

by preownedautoblog
Top 7 cars for leg space

If you feel like being stuck inside a vehicle, it means you are taller and bigger than your car. You cannot do anything about the car your friend and family purchased, as it is based on their choice and convenience. But when you buy your car you should consider its comfort and short-list the car that works for them.

Here are the top 7 cars that give you better leg space:

Nissan Leaf

Many of you might know Nissan Leaf as an affordable and best selling electric car. But it is a treat to find out that it has enough leg space too. It has a space of 41.2 inches for head movement and 42.1 inches for front-seat leg movement. Hence it stands at the first choice in the top 7 cars that give you better leg space.

Subaru Outback

This car also has a spacious interior that has other state-of-art options too. It has an infotainment screen, remote start as a technology alternative. The heated rear seats and synthetic leather upholstery as comfort options.

LandRover Discovery Sports

Discovery Sports is a practical crossover SUV that has ample space in the interior. It is a five-seat format car that has a vast boot. It is known for its class-leading rear legroom. It has boot space that has been adjusted in third-row seats to better fit leg space extra requirement.

Kia Optima

It also stands with more than a standard size front seat that has enough room for head and leg movements. It has generous space in the passenger compartment that makes it stand among the top 7 cars that give you better leg space. This spaciousness works with user-friendly technology to rule the hearts of masses.

Hyundai Sonata

This car has an approximate front row occupant space of 40.4 inches and a leg-room of 45.5 inches. It has comfortable seating that has been found in most models. It has top ranking in several types of research because of front seat spaciousness that is complimented with power-adjustable heated and ventilated seats that make driving impressive.

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Honda Fit

This car stands as a spacious subcompact car that has 39.5 inches headroom and 41.4 inches foot room. It gives a tough time to other spacious cars, although many argue that it has low leg space. But the cargo capabilities are without a doubt better. We consider it a choice for more than average tall people.

BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

The 2017 model of BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo has an average space of 41.4 inches for headroom and 40.6 inches of front legroom. Hence you can stretch well inside this midsize luxury car. It might be a car that has different shape but it is without a doubt stylish and capacious to fit tall and big people. The performance engine is a bonus; hence it is not only a comfortable but performance car.

These are the sorted top 7 cars that give you better leg space. We leave it on you to decide which one is the best among all.

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