Top 5 Industries That Use Trucking

Top 5 Industries That Use Trucking

Trucking is one of the most revenue-generating industries in the world. It has worth more than $700 billion just in the USA. Trucking is the backbone of many industries and a world without trucks would cripple the economy. In this article, we look into the 5 industries that need trucking to survive.


Grocers saw a huge increase in sales due to the COVID 19 but it needs the trucking companies to deliver the much-needed food, health, sanitation, and other items that millions of people need every day. The key aspects of the trucking industry are timely transport and safe delivery of critical items. Companies as massive as Walmart, Amazon require trucks to consistently deliver groceries. Even your local store would require a truck to supply the goods. The demand is so high for the Grocery trucking that the US is seeing a massive shortage of truck drivers. We have seen the need for driverless Trucks that can ensure safety and deliver at the same time.


The oil industry is heavily reliant on trucking. There are three types of trucks are primarily used in the oil industry:

1) Boom and Winch Trucks
2) Heavy to Light Trailers
3) Fluid Trucks

Not only are these users on the oil fields for various refining processes, but trucks can also be used for the transportation of gas and petrol to your nearest gas station. The easiest and most utilized form of transportation in the oil and gas industry is trucking. The demand for oil fluctuates a lot and that fluctuation can only be catered by on-road transportation. These trucks can deliver quickly without incurring a large cost, this makes trucking so crucial for the oil industry. Also, trucking helps save a lot of costs because small amounts of oil can be transferred through it. Wth this, one can break the large investment needed for pipelines or other forms of transportation that only provide large amounts of oil.


In third world countries, trucks are frequently used as an alternative source of water transportation. Due to the lack of resources, the event of an emergency or drought increases, and that is filled by using water tankers to transport water to these areas. The clean drinking water industry in the developed countries also needs the trucking industry. For example in the USA one billion glasses of tap water drink every day and to produce that clean drinking water chemical are needed such as chlorine which is transported through trucking.


The construction industry is going through a boom and is expected to be worth around 11.9 trillion dollars globally by the end of 2020. Construction needs trucks to survive and various kinds of trucks are used in the industry. The most common of them are dump trucks that can be seen on the construction sites, they are used to transport heavy machinery that is frequently used in construction. The delivery of materials and supply needed for the construction of different structures and roads are also transported through trucks. Trucks are the best source of transportation to carry wood and steel, the two main components of construction. 


Imagine a hospital where you have to wait for medicine or a clinic where there are no syringes? The trucking industry is responsible for the availability of much-needed supplies to save your life. These constant deliveries and time being a key element make the job much tougher for drivers but the life of a patient would depend on a driver to make the delivery on time. Due to cash flow issues, only a few percentages of Healthcare organizations keep large inventories most of them use weekly or emergency supplies, when you’ve to deliver at the moment’s notice it is very important that truckers do their job right. This means the entire set-up of the healthcare system heavily relies on the trucking industry to provide the necessary equipment to help hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, and other facilities to care for their patients

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