Top 5 Details on Car Auction Sheet

Top 5 Details on Car Auction Sheet
Reading the auction sheet can be a challenging task to manage. Understanding this we have mentioned the top 5 details on car auction sheet that you can learn with the support of an expert. We have mentioned a few that can be deciphered by reading the blog too. Hence these details will help you in asking the right questions while buying a car and exploring a few things on your own too.

Production Date

You can easily identify the production date on the auction sheet if you have an idea about Japanese years. The auction sheet has every detail from the month to year of production that is audited through a neutral party. If you have an auction sheet translated in the English version, you can identify the details without support.

Car Type and Body Type

There are times when people get confused in sedan and hatchback although there is a pillar difference. But in the auction sheet, the type of car and body is mentioned. So if you have the auction sheet in hand you can never get confused. The number of doors and seats are also mentioned. Just have a thorough look and you will get a complete picture of the vehicle even without seeing it physically.

Car Parts and Condition

The inspection team is expert in whatever they do, so every car part is completely dissected in auction sheet. The shape of the car can be judged through it. The condition of the car including a minute scratch to big dent is mentioned. But it is in abbreviation form that can be read through a translated version of the auction sheet or by knowing what letter stands for which thing. The scratch is mentioned by A followed by 1, 2, 3, 4 telling the size of it. So A1 means minute scratch while A3 is a bigger one. The corrosion is represented by C, rust by S, dent by U, W shows repair history. Aside from this, the color scheme inside is also mentioned. The paint job done or not can also be identified through the auction sheet.

Chassis Code and Chassis Number

The chassis code is given to each car as a mark of identification. The chassis number is unique to the car that can be checked through the auction sheet. Although complete chassis is not disclosed as anyone can copy it and use it. But once you purchase the car, you are provided complete chassis that you use for clearing cars from the port. You can have chassis check through this link.

Features and Accessories

When you have an auction sheet in hand you can explore the additional features offered too. Every detail is in the abbreviated form. Some are obvious ones like AC for air conditioning. The others can be AW for alloy wheels, FOG for fog light, DAB for dual airbags, FAT for floor automatic transmission, and ABS for the antilock braking system. Auction sheet is the mini-biography of cars for those who are willing to find out.
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