Top 5 Best Family Automobile You Should Consider

Top 5 Best Family Automobile You Should Consider

Many people consider an automobile as a luxury option, while for others it is a family ride. Considering the different priorities and preferences of customers many automobile seem tailor-made for a specific purpose. Here we have compiled the top 5 best family cars that you should consider:

Volkswagen Tiguan

This automobile falls under the family Volkswagen options with functionality, handling, and performance that is hard to explain. It brings a calm atmosphere that even a baby can sleep well inside. The cool features make the journey enjoyable for every member of the family. The technology connects you to the road and other cars so a sense of being part of the same league remains intact. Eye-catchy yet not dazzling LED headlights make the drive at night equally safe while keeping in consideration the low power consumption.

Honda CRV

It is an attractive vehicle that has a spacious cabin, making it a perfect fit for families. The display audio infotainment system along with Wifi hotspot makes family time entertaining. It falls under a small SUV that is a powerhouse of performance, has world-class features, and stands with a design that makes it home like. The tech is satisfying enough with a 7-inch touchscreen. It gives a tough time to other German top brands with an onboard navigation system, nine-speaker audio setup, and Bluetooth. The rugged appearance and torque converter transmission are what make it a tough contender, defending the family inside.

Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4 was the winner of our 2020 Best Compact SUV for Families award


Toyota RAV4 has been a family member to many, having the tough look of a protector. It manages different road situations with its powerful suspension and practicality of Quasi charm. Being a 2.5 L engine with inline-4 technology it has brought improvement in torque and sportiness that has world-class noise mitigation. Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 offered adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist so the ride is safe as mother’s lap.

Volkswagen Golf

If you want a power back car that is best for family drives, Volkswagen Golf should be your choice. The car is ready to provide personalized experience considering that each family is different. It has state of art LED headlights with 2 zone climatronic, so every passenger feels at home. It is a perfect blend of everyday transportation for family and can best support you in leisure drives too.

Audi Q7

Car and Driver consider Audi Q7 one of the favorites to move the family.

Car and Driver

It is a three-row luxury SUV that can be your best partner for a family ride. The V6 engine in the turbo option has a strong 335 horsepower. The four-wheel-drive car brings grip on the road to make every journey safe and secure. The technology features are installed with the three standard digital displays making a fun-filled driving atmosphere. The adaptive Chassis package includes adjustable air suspension and four-wheel steering that makes handling of this sporty SUV a child’s play.

With this and much more, these are the top 5 best family cars that you can choose to drive from.

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