Top 3 most Favorite Japanese Cars of America

Top 3 most Favorite Japanese Cars of America

Before we explore the top 3 most favorite Japanese Cars in America, we should know if we can drive a Japanese car in America or not. United States is a left-hand drive (LHD) market that has no restriction on driving a right-hand drive car. But as the driving happens on the right side of the road, so as a rule LHD car should be easier to drive.

But people do purchase an RHD car and can easily import a Japanese one. Even Japanese cars are manufactured in LHD for markets, so it should never be an issue. You can even import a used car from Japan, as the year restriction is 25 years.

Honda Accord

Honda Accord has acquired the number 1 ranking in all of the American states.

(Insurify 2019)

It comes as a midsize sedan that has a hybrid option to better mix efficiency with performance. The design that sets standards to a whole new level. It is elegant enough with exceptional combination to give the exterior a refined look. The cutting edge cabin with thoughtful ergonomics is what sets it apart from others. The infotainment screen is there to mix information and entertainment. The advanced features make it a ground-breaking sedan.

Nissan Altima

This is the vehicle that stands in the top 3 best cars, that has made its mark. The technology is ready to refine the drive to a whole new level. The efficiency goes farther than usual with the front-wheel-drive for better traction when climbing hills and driving on slippery roads. That is the reason it is preferred in Pennsylvania and Mississippi. The all-wheel-drive brings superior traction having a grip on the road. The Nissan Altima is spacious from inside with flexible seating and enhanced cargo space. The customization in connectivity makes the journey tailor-made that is just apt for your personal preference.

Nissan offers several discounts like U.S Military Personnel one as communicated on

Nissan USA website

Honda Civic

For those asking about the second Honda making to the list of top 3 most favorite cars of America, we have proof that Honda cares as shown below.

We’ll go through this together

(Honda America Official)

Many reliable automotive news websites have listed this car among the best. The robust engine option makes it a family car with a performance like a beast. It comes in sedan, coupe, and hatchback; having their own set of benefits. The high-performance versions include Civic Si and Civic Type R trim. The lively handling further gives a person command one road. This makes it a safe option, where the driver can take the family with peace-of-mind. The cabin material is handsome enough to make a mark while the restyling of the new model further shows its willingness to serve with the best.

Although not mentioned in the list Toyota has also worked to serve this market by offering Corolla as a family car. As these Japanese cars have understood the USA market that is the reason it has secured a better position.

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