Mercedes Axor

Mercedes Axor
Burg, Germany – June 25, 2016: german Mercedes Benz Axor, stands under military roof on an open day in barrack burg / Germany on June 25, 2016.

The Mercedes Axor is introduced in the market as the younger brother of the Mercedes Actros built specifically for the purpose of light construction sites. Contrary to Actros, moderately weaker engines are installed in the Axor possessing subtler characteristics. The engine options are broad and come in tractor and tripper forms. Mercedes Axor, known for its great payload, long durability is proven to be the distinctive feature of tractors and rigid trucks. They are widely used for the local distributions and long-distance haulage. Their heavy-duty strength gives them a good edge over other trucks. The Axor is available in two versions: Axor-R and Axor-C.

Mercedes has offered a large variety of exclusive accessories in the Axor such as an air condition unit which is mounted on the roof.  According to all weather conditions, MB Cool Air 800 is installed in the truck, which a driver can operate through remote control, maintaining pleasant temperature and overall atmosphere. Moreover, there are installation kits available for the Axor along with a protective hood that matches the air condition unit.

The construction vehicles of the Axor are available in the length of 188mm, it is just like the S-cab’s European version which has an abundance of space for operations during the daytime.

The Axor comes in two-, three-, and four-axle tractor vehicle (4 x 2 plus 4 x 4, 6 x 4 and 8 x 4) and two- and three-axle air-sprung semitrailer tractor (4 x 2 and 6 x 2). They are available from the range of 18 to 32 tonnes gross vehicle weight. The engine under the hood is 6.4-liter OM 906 LA with an output setting available in the horsepower of 238,252, and 286 HP. The engine Om 926 LA 7.2 lite is available in the horsepower of 326 HP and the OM 457 LA engine comes with an output range from the horsepower 355 HP to 422 HP. 

The entire design of the Axor is established along the lines of Mercedes trucks. Rectangular light clusters are installed which are placed into the bumper and coated with protective guards which highlight the robust quality of the truck. Mercedes has integrated more dynamic quality by incorporating aerodynamic side deflectors and “v” shaped grille.

The navigation systems are perfectly aligned in the Axor. The navigation device is available with remote control. The device can also be used by the passengers seated in the back seat. It also offers a hands-free system. Furthermore, the voice-operated system makes it safer for the road run – very convenient and handy. Safety is further upgraded with the installation kit fit in the truck.

The navigation system is not specified to the trucks only; they are also available for passenger cars so that the navigation aid is kept close to hands throughout the journey.

The overall fitting of the truck is right according to Mercedes’s standards. The fittings are durable, solid, and comfortable which depicts the quality of materials that have been chosen during the construction. Every control is accessible by the driver. Optional power windows, closing systems, central closing, control mirrors, and switch rays in the driver’s door provide ultimate ease and comfort.

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