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Kenyan Import Law Guide for Japanese Used Cars Exporter and Dealers

by preownedautoblog

Japanese Used Cars Exporter and Dealers

Toyota Landcruiser 2008In Africa, the Kenya is the significant focus for all Japanese used cars exporter and dealers. In 2007, Kenya imported around 21,000 Japanese used cars and in year 2008 the figure increased to around 30,000. As reported by a popular Japan used cars dealer, in April 2010 the net export figures in US$ were 87.9374926 millions. Through Kenya Bureau of Standardsas, Kenya has implemented a used vehicle import regulation in order to control Japanese used cars exporter from import of bogus cars.

Some of those laws are as follows.

1.      All Japanese used cars exporter or dealers can only import the used cars that are not more than 8 years old after registration. So till date a dealer can only import the Japanese used cars that are registered in year 2003.

2.      Besides Ambulances and fire engines, only Right Hand Drive used vehicles can be imported to Kenya.

3.      All Japanese used cars must undergo car inspection performed by Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Centre (JEVIC) prior to be exported to Kenya. JVEIC issues an automobile roadworthiness certificate which is compulsory for clearing the imported car from the port of Mombasa in Kenya.

The following are the complete criteria for JEVIC inspection for all Japanese used cars exporter and dealers.

General exterior and interior:

1.       No rust (if the rust is present it must be removed by paint)

2.       There should be no repair that shows the detraction from the usual look of the car

3.       There should be no scratch or damage that surpasses an area more than the one quarter size of a panel.

4.       No sharp or dangerous projections, missing or loose parts.


1.       All ceilings and door linings and upholstery should have zero damage.

2.       No deterioration, looseness and other damages should be there on all the components.

3.       Safety belts should be there and functioning accurately.

Underside and the suspension

1.       No oil, fuel or water leakage should be found

2.       No boots and bushes tear should be there

3.       Mounts are well tight

4.       Normal operation of shock absorbers should also be checked

Engine Room

1.       No leakage for fuel, water, or oil and no large amount of rubbish

2.       No unnecessary vibration or noise, and properly functioning mechanisms

3.       No unnecessary damage or deterioration to the belts

4.       No fluid leakage or sulphation of the battery

5.       All cables and wiring should be fixed properly


1.       Should open and close easily and efficiently

2.       All mechanism and parts should be fixed firmly

3.       Locks are working perfectly

4.       Power operation of the doors should have the manual operation as well

5.       Check if rubber and Draught excluders are there and working properly

6.       Sliding doors are able to be protected in the unlock position


1.       No excessive noise should be found

2.       No leakage


1.       Accurate size for the vehicle

2.       No bulging, cracking or tear in the fabric and it should be more than 25 mm long or 10% of tread width

3.       All treads need to be more than 1.6 mm

4.       Fixed firmly to the vehicle and correctly inflated

Instrumentation and accessories

1.       All bulbs, warning lights, air condition and power windows should be functioning properly

Lighting and reflectors

1.       All bulbs and switches should be working properly.

2.       No cracks or other damages to lenses.

3.       Rear reflectors should be red, whole front or middle to be orange in color.


Japanese used cars exporter and dealer are majorly focusing on Kenya. Although the above stated barriers have given tough time to these Japanese used cars exporter (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) and dealers, still the net import value till April 2010, i.e. US$ 87.9374926 million is comparatively a huge bump in this economic slump.

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