Japanese Used Cars Auctions: An Outlook For A Used Car Traders

Japanese Used Cars Auctions: An Outlook For A Used Car Traders

Japanese Used Cars Auctions

36Every dealer believes that Japanese used cars auctions are the best places for low mileage, high quality cars and affordable prices. In this article you will understand why Japanese used cars auctions are better and how to find a top-notch exporter who can find, buy and ship the best deal for you.

Why to Prefer Japanese Used Cars Auctions?

There are some exclusive advantages of buying used cars from Japanese used cars auctions. The very first and foremost benefit is the immense selection. A smallest auction in Japan would offer over 1,000 used cars per location. A big auction like USS Tokyo may offer 10,000 cars, all in a single place. With the help of World Wide Web, placing few of these individual car auctions together you can have access to over 40,000 cars every day which is indeed not at all unusual. Along with huge breadth of selection, there is also a great depth of quality. The secret behind this is that Japanese do not use their cars as much as people of other nations. An excellent transport facility and high levels of neighborhood walk-ability and slow city driving speeds due to huge traffic in Japan, all these facts ensure lower mileage and high quality in used cars from Japan. On top of this the Japanese are much particular about caring their cars and does not take long to change their cars with newer ones. This high quality, low mileage and outstanding used cars in Japanese auctions are just run of the mill. But a bitter or better fact is that Japanese themselves are not that interested in buying these used cars at auction. therefore prices are comparatively low and buyers from outside the Japan seeks the opportunities in Japanese used cars auctions.

Japanese used cars auctions groups and location

The most prominent auction groups in Japan are CAA, TAA (Toyota), Honda, JU, JAA and USS. Among these USS Tokyo is the largest Japanese used cars auctions location in Japan that is held on every Thursday with more than 20,000 vehicles in a single day. Another auction group that doesn’t have multiple auction locations is Aucnet. This auction is also called Kaijo in Japanese language and is held on every Monday. The procedures at Aucnet are a bit different. Instead of physical auction, they send out inspectors to car dealers who keep their cars in their stocks. As these dealers hope to sell to frequent customers at retail price, there reserve price at auction is often a bit high.

Ways to access these Japanese used cars auctions

Up till now all seems to be fine, but there are still few difficulties like how can you access these auctions way over in Japan when you don’t know any one there, don’t even have budget to reach their, cannot speak their language. Even if you could cope to buy the car, how would you ship it to your destination? Don’t worry as Japanese used cars exporter online can help you for all, handling the process of bidding at Japanese used cars auctions, and as well as transporting the car from auction to port, doing the paper work and shipping the car over to you. The best thing around is that there are many car exporters but the worst out of it is that it is not much easier to find one who is going to do a good job for you. 4 questions to find out the credibility and capabilities of a used car exporter
  1. How many auctions you can access and buy cars through that exporter?
  2. Is there a person who can communicate and negotiate for you in English and as well as in Japanese language?
  3. Do they help you to better understand the condition and provide translated inspection reports?
  4. Is your exporter well equipped to ensure the fastest delivery and shipments?
Japanese used cars auctions are the excellent places for dealers, traders, exporters and even end consumers from different parts of the world. The key to find good cars is to find the first-rate exporter who can attend a Japanese used cars auctions for you and fetch out not only a car but a value for you.
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