Free Inspection Guide for Japanese Used Car Traders – Part 2

Free Inspection Guide for Japanese Used Car Traders – Part 2

Japanese Used Car Traders

105In Previous post about Free Inspection Guide for Japanese used car traders you read points about general inspection, exterior and Interior inspection. Below are some more guidelines that are really good in Japan for used car traders.

Inspecting the Engine for Japanese Used Car Traders from Japan

  • Check the engine oil, gear oil, brakes oil or any other fluid in that used car.
  • Inspect the engine room for leaks, damage, smells, or the like. Compare parts with each other. A newly replaced part will look relatively clean.
  • Check and identify the leaks under the car. Try to identify the fluid and the source of leakage.
  • Check the smoke behind the car from the tail pipe.
  • Look inside the engine room for escaping smoke, fluids or any loose parts.
  • Identify any odd noises, odors and rattles inside the engine room.

Checkpoints for Test Drive

Test the car by driving far enough to get it up to temperature and to check that if the odometer is working properly or not. It is better is someone else also take notes for this.

Inspection for the Instruments

  • Check the performance of all the instruments. Check for any odd readings for speedometer and other instruments.
  • Drive in a way that simulates stop-and-go traffic.
  • Drive in a way that imitates stop-and-go traffic.
  • Does the vehicle accelerate smoothly and with power?
  • Check if that used car has smooth and powerful acceleration.
  • Is there any noise in brakes? Are brakes working effectively?
  • Drive gradually and pay attention for tedious noise and wind noise
  • Change lanes, make turns, and park a few times. Are you comfortable controlling the vehicle?
  • Check how much it is comfortable controlling that Japanese used car. Make turns, park a few times and change lanes to check the comfort in controlling the car.

Japanese used car traders should be very careful before buying a car. Proper inspection is the key for both health and your wealth. All above tips are highly useful for any of Japanese used car traders (, but these are not the final words and not the substitute for professional inspection.

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