Before sale Japanese Used car Inspections – Role of JAAI in Japan for used car sale and purchase

Before sale Japanese Used car Inspections – Role of JAAI in Japan for used car sale and purchase

Japanese Used car

110It is necessary to authenticate the quality of Japanese used car before sale and Inspection certificate ensures the importer that they will get the car with quality that they are expecting. In Japan used car or any for other thing the quality is the top most priority and they prefer to keep their reputation amongst the buyers all over the world. The reason to establish JAAI was the same.


Japan Auto Appraisal Institute, abbreviated as JAAI was founded in 1966 under the sanction under the Ministry of Transport along with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in the year 1966. It is a volunteer organization and it was created to help people in the inspection of used cars for sale in Japan. With the network of around 52 branches spread in the all 47 prefectures of Japan, JAAI is the only organization in Japan to conduct inspections and facilitate the buyers of used cars in Japan and other parts of the world.

JAAI is extremely authentic group, their abilities and fairness have been highly tested and since 1967, the government of Japan has authorized this institute as the quality inspection agency for Japanese used car sale and export for overseas customers.

Over a period of 30 years it had inspected more than 1.8 million used cars in Japan. Its accuracy in used car inspection and their standard of evaluation gained them recognition by foreign countries as well. Over the three-year period since the abolishment of the export inspection system in Japan, JAAI has inspected approximately 250,000 vehicles exported to more than 50 countries.

Why JAAI is the best option for inspection of Japanese used car for sale in Japan

JAAI is inspecting all used cars systematically and thoroughly both exterior and interior. It also verifies the chassis number of the used cars and ensure the buyer or importer before sale. It helps the importer or buyer to settle on the real value of the used car.

  • JAAI is backed up by highly trained and veteran professionals who can test the used cars for sale in Japan. They are facilitated with proper training sessions to improve their capabilities.
  • This institute is also equipped with state of the art technology for the assessment of brakes, wheel alignment, emission gas and speedometer which is significant to make sure the road-worthiness of the used car.
  • JAAI uses the Exporting Used Motor Vehicle Inspection Standards for the inspection of the used cars in Japan.
  • They are complied with safety regulations and inspect functionality of the used cars in Japan before sale to ensure the safe driving.
  • They check exterior conditions of the used cars, to make sure are there any bumps, even if there is any corrosion in the used car it must be repaired before sale. JAAI rejects any repair work done using aluminum foil and taping
  • For inspection of the interior they must check how much it is tidy. If there are any damage in seat covers, interior walls, sealing etc that exceeds 10cm for a passenger vehicle or 30 cm for a freight or commercial vehicle then reject that used car without repairing. Again the repairing with adhesive tape is not permissible.
  • They also check if the windshield should not have any breakage or cracks greater than 1cm.
    Engine & parts inside the hood must be clean washed properly
  • They used the safety regulations to inspect the quality of the tires.
  • Along all above JAAI, also check for the other detail of the used car from Japan as per the importing regulations by the country where you want to receive your Japanese used car after sale

Conclusion for Japanese Used Car Sale

For Japanese used car sale and purchase, JAAI is the only institute recognized by various countries. This way they further ensure people who want to buy through Japanese used car ( sale or auction with the quality. Thus JAAI is playing a vital role in Japanese used car industry and equally becoming renown among buyers from different countries.

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