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Guide For Japanese Used Car Dealers – Documents For Buying And Selling Japanese Used Cars

by preownedautoblog

Japanese Used Car Dealers

114For any Japanese used car dealers it is vital to know the procedure and documents required when they planning to import Japanese used cars. Now it is much easier to find Japanese used cars sale, dealers and auctions through Internet. Depending on the country import and export regulation, before buying a used car from Japan it is essential to know what type of documents they should ask from that Japanese used car dealers.  Some of the online Japanese used cars sale portals are well equipped to guide the buyers about these necessary documents and they right away forward these documents after the shipment of the vehicle.

Without these documents a buyer may face many problems during custom clearance. The requirement of these documents may vary according to the import and export rules and regulations in the country you are planning to import that used car from Japan.

Below is a list of some basic documents an importer must keep in mind while buying and importing any used vehicle from Japan or any other country. Japanese used car dealers can help you to find the complete details about these documents.

Three sets of original Bills of Lading.

Bill of Lading is a legal document between the shipper of Japanese used car and the carrier detailing the quantity, type and the destination of the car being carried. Another purpose for Bill of Lading is to serve as a receipt of shipment at the time of delivery to set destination. Bill of Lading must accompany the shipped car, and must be signed by legitimate representative from the carrier, shipper and receiver.

Two sets of original Commercial Invoice

Commercial invoice is the document required by custom to conclude the real value of the imported used car. This value is used for the assessment of taxes and duties. It must identify the buyer and the seller of Japanese used car. It should also clearly indicate the term and date of sale of that Japanese used car. Additionally the quantity, weight, and the volume of shipment are also mentioned in this document. Type of packaging, description of goods, unit value, and total value is included in the Commercial invoice of all Japanese used cars for sale. If applicable the insurance details and shipping details along with other charges are also the part of this document.

Certificate of Origin History

It is the document that declares in which country that used car was manufactured. It includes information of product’s destination and country of export.

JAAI inspection certificate

Japan Auto Appraisal Institute is a compulsory inspection certificate in Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania and Bangladesh. Without this certificate Japanese used car dealers or buyer will have to bear penalty charges.

Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Col Ltd. (JEVIC) inspection certificate (Check if your country’s custom department require this)

JEVIC Inspection Certificate

JEVIC or Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Col Ltd. is a registered company and is responsible for pre-shipment inspection and certification of Japanese used cars sale. Your booking and shipment for used cars will only be allowed after the completion of JEVIC inspection. Normally the Fee for JEVIC inspection is US $300.

Original Document for Vehicle’s Export Deregistration

Deregistering a Japanese used vehicle indicate that the vehicle is permanently removed from the country’s Road Traffic Registry.

Certificate of Ownership History

Certificate of Ownership History is the document that signed by the Japanese used car seller for transferring ownership to the buyer. This document is further registered against the title of the used car as the evidence of the purchaser’s ownership.

Original set of Marine Insurance Policy

An insurance policy to protect the insurance aligned with damage or loss the Japanese used cars for sale occurred while transportation through sea. This insurance is only submitted if and only if the insurance is taken from that Japanese used car dealers.

Summary: In every country there are different rules and regulation assigned by the custom departments. Custom can alter their requirement for clearance anytime. So for any Japanese used car (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) dealers it is advisable to contact the country’s custom department whenever they are dealing in Japanese used car sale or purchase. Japanese used car dealers can help you to find the complete details about these documents, so they could also be helpful for you to drive your dream car without any hassle.

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