Ford Fiesta- UK most Favorite Car of 2019

Ford Fiesta- UK most Favorite Car of 2019

Ford Fiesta remained the UK most favorite car of 2019 for the second consecutive year

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It has built a legacy over the years, with its production ending; but demand there. It will be available for purchase in different models. The year 2019 turned out to be a great year, as people appreciated the seventh-generation car continuity too. It now comes in 3 and 5 doors hatchback, bringing everyday ease of drive. The trims that have been dropped are S trim and Titanium trim. The new ST-Line trim makes Fiesta a sporty alternative.

Driving Experience That Matters

Ford Fiesta is the most favorite car of the UK because its fan enjoys the sports tuned chassis.

The twin-clutch power-shift is not available, so there is no extra power in this car, but it is the simplicity of drive that makes an impact. The 1.6L four-cylinder engine provides better acceleration with a braking edge to support. The steering wheel responds well with grip provided on-road felt. It works with the suspension to make drive fun, as in handling it excels. The brakes also work fine and perform appropriately to emergency stopping distances.

Comfort in Favorite Car

Comfort is questioned by experienced automotive dealers, but to the loyal customers, it is the quietest car in the whole class. There is margin of improvement in seat back part, as it feels that seat belts are hiding an average design. The wheelbase is short and the ride feels jerky, but the customers consider the drive representation of life with not-so-annoying jerks. The working of engine is a bit loud, but in the end, the customer enjoys the ride. The cargo space is small in comparison to many other vehicles, but it is decent enough to fit luggage.

The Drive From Inside

The Ford Fiesta has greater visibility due to large glasses, narrow roof pillar, and comparatively larger rear window. This makes the surroundings much more visible to the masses. The quality of experience is marvelous, as people feel in the command being part of the car. The interior is roomy for average height people, but tall people might feel less space in front. The small items can easily be stored as it has four cup holders and a bin to dispose-off trash. But all this is in front, as door pockets are not there in the rear part. The features are fully loaded, so infotainment in this car is up to the mark with a screen acting as a navigation system and video channel simultaneously.

Overall review shows that because of driving enjoyment, on-the-go better handling, and technology that resonate with masses; hence people favor Ford Fiesta. Although it does not get a better rating when it comes to the spaciousness, customer forgives that. A hatchback is never expected to be spacious, so its target customers never expect it to deliver that.

Automotive dealers feel content selling Ford Fiesta, as they can generate profits they deserve. Till the customers feel that the car delivers to its promises it will remain the most favorite car of 2019 and beyond.

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