Oil leak or drop from engine of car on concrete floor , check and maintenance auto service

Spotting slightly dense fluid where your car is parked gives you worrisome thoughts. You don’t understand why it is leaking and what it means. Therefore, you either end up ignoring it or stressing over it more than needed. The leaking fluid is a sign that something is not right with your car and you need to investigate it.

There could be countless causes of leaking fluid of your car. So you need to be vigilant to determine the problem based on the color of the leaking fluid. To provide you with ease, we are going to discuss your car issues in accordance with the color of the fluid.

Red to Reddish Color

If the fluid is reddish in color, it is mostly the power steering fluid. Power steering fluid is thin in texture and it leaks from under the front side of your car. The cause of red fluid leak could be a problem inside the power steering pump. You can take your car to the nearby mechanic to check if the steering pump is working and get it replaced if needed.

Light Brown to Black Color

Light brown thin to dense dark black color indicates that it is motor oil. This leak is located in many regions of the car. If the fluid is in light brown color and oozing out from the center, rear axle, or transmission, it is because of the lube oil leak. This leakage means that the problem has been persisting for a long time and it should be checked and fixed.

Orange Color

If the fluid appears to be thick in texture and orange to reddish-brown in color, and it is leaking from the center of your vehicle, it is the transmission fluid. The rust from your car’s radiator when mixes with an anti-freeze leak can look orange. In case you cannot identify the color, consult a professional. However, if you are certain about the leak and its issue, your car is not safe for the road run and should be immediately taken to the mechanic for more diagnostics.

Transparent Color

If the color is transparent and clear like water, it is maybe water. The air conditioning system accumulates excessive condensation which overflows out and a creates puddle underneath the passenger side on the ground. This indicates no danger. It is just a routine occurrence in perfectly running cars.

Pink, Green or Yellow Color

These are the brightest color fluids and could be due to the coolant leak. Coolants have a sweet smell and the leak is associated with the age of the vehicle. For older vehicles, when the engines get too hot they are more likely to discharge the coolant and for new cars, the excessive liquid dripping is bad news and it should be investigated more.

Be one step ahead of these leaks and learn the colors and their issues respectively. To understand these leaks and get them repaired on time can save you from financial loss. The more you delay, the more the cost of the repair.

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