Cheapest Ford Cars in the USA For 2020

Cheapest Ford Cars in the USA For 2020

Ford Motor Company is an American automaker that has been a household name since long. Owing to its founder Henry Ford, it has proved its metal even when the market competition increased, that is evident in a number of automotive news. With several Japanese cars giving cheap options, Ford has still kept its market share.

Ford is the bestselling brand in the US by volume.

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The following are the top models that have retained their position as cheapest Ford Cars in the USA for 2020.

Ford Fiesta

This small Ford Fiesta comes in sedan and hatchback option, carrying the family feel and fuel consumption advantage. It is a subcompact car that has 3 or 5 doors in hatchback and 4 doors in the sedan. The Ford Fiesta ST is a hatchback only model and the latest one too. It has a rear spoiler for aerodynamic efficiency that makes the car change the flow of air for the better driving experience. It pushes the car further making it a speedy drive. The interior trim is also up to the mark with engine sizes that bring low fuel consumption, giving after-purchase price advantage too. It has folding seats in the rear and can accommodate up to 5 people of average height.

Ford Focus

This car is the true example that the crossovers might rule but actual hatchbacks will always be timeless beauty. And as being the top USA brand it is cheap enough to fit many pockets. It has been a good drive and has the backing of many automotive news giants, who always review in its favor. With an all-new platform, it has further rectified the not favorable tides in the USA. It is engineered to be dynamically stiffer. Being light-weight and three-cylinder manual it has a low maintenance cost. As being a manual car many features that require more money for proper functionality are not there.

Ford Fusion

A big part of the big picture

Ford Fusion Official

It is compatible with the latest technology and has a style that has a unique position. As according to automotive news, it comes in hybrid and plug-in hybrid to improve efficiency in the drive. With colors having their psychological impacts this is the cheapest and best car you could ask for. The serenity and purity of white are on one hand as a car body, the calmness of blue, the passion of red, the mysterious black, and celestial silver are few options that make this car a huge hit. The latest technology is what you could always depend on with a connection that is 4G LTE compatible.

These are few cheapest Ford Cars in the USA that you can check out. If you are too low in budget, we suggest using public transport till you gather decent enough money to buy a quality and low price Ford.

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