8 Signs It Is Time To Buy A New Car

8 Signs It Is Time To Buy A New Car

Generally, people want to hold onto their car for as much time as possible. That isn’t a bad thing, and such people should be admired. After all, a car is a significant purchase, and studies show that the longer people drive their cars without payments, the better off they are financial.

However, with that being said, even the sturdiest vehicle becomes worn and rusted over time. At some point, the cost of keeping the car outweighs the benefit, and it’s time to give it up. You can purchase a brand-new vehicle or a second-hand one, but you should accept when it’s time to let go of your vehicle. Here are 8 signs to help you decide that it is likely time to purchase a new car.

1. Frequent Repairs and Breakdowns

Every car incurs breakdowns and repairs. Even on an older car, it is okay to spend on needed repairs once in a while. However, if your car has started to break down frequently and is giving you trouble now and then, it’s probably time to begin thinking of a new vehicle.

As a general rule of thumb, your car shouldn’t be going for repairs more than two times a year. Here, repairs don’t mean inexpensive part replacements but actual costly repairs, without which you can’t drive your car.

If you’re having to pay for the exhaust system and radiator repairs frequently, it is a sign that you have a serious problem on your hands.

2. It Needs Refueling Frequently

If you find yourself constantly refueling your car, it is an indication of a faulty fuel pump. Moreover, if the car is showing signs of decreased power and acceleration, then it is a sign to consider purchasing a new car vehicle.

Getting a faulty pump repaired can be costly and if you have to do it frequently, then keeping your car isn’t worth it. Newer car models come with better fuel efficiency, and you’ll be much better off investing in a newer model.

3. It No Longer Passes Emission Tests

Another sign that your car is now outdated is that it no longer passes environmental emission tests. Older car models don’t have the newer technologies to make them eco-friendly. Newer models come with built-in economically-friendly technologies that cause minimal hazardous emissions.

If you are considering upgrading your vehicle with these technologies just to pass the emission tests, then it’s clearly time to instead purchase a newer model. Moreover, certain vehicles will not even be allowed to take the emission test based on its age. There is no point spending your bucks on a car when you know you need to upgrade it now.

4. Your Vehicle Insurance Cost Keeps Increasing

It is no surprise that older vehicles become more expensive to insure. As an older vehicle has a higher chance of frequently breaking down, the insurance provider will see it as a liability. This results in higher insurance payments.

Hence, it is important to be vigilant about your car insurance premiums. If they are steadily increasing, it’s probably time to trade your car for a new one.

5. It Doesn’t Feel Safe Anymore

If your car frequently breaks down, you can no longer feel safe driving it. Driving an unreliable car makes you prone to getting stuck in dangerous situations. It no longer even remains safe to drive at night or on the highway.

Newer car models have advanced safety features such as electronic stability control, airbags, blind spot monitoring, rearview cameras, and forward collision alert. While all these advanced safety features are optional on a vehicle, if you don’t feel secure driving your car, it’s time to give it up.

6. It Doesn’t Match Your Lifestyle Anymore

Since the time you got the car, there might have been various lifestyle changes. Your family may have expanded, you may have moved further away from your workplace, or you now require a large boot space.

There can be various lifestyle changes influencing your purchase of a new car. You may no longer need to maintain a roomy vehicle because your family members may have moved out. If you’re starting to feel that you need a new car to suit your changed lifestyle, you should entertain the thought.

7. It Has Done A lot of Miles

As a rule of thumb, if your car has passed the 75,000 miles mark, the chances of breakdowns and repairs increase. Car experts suggest that if your car has reached over 100,000 miles, then it’s to replace it.

Once the six-digit figure passes on the odometer, the car will start giving problems and will just become too costly to keep. So it is better to let it go and invest in a better vehicle, whether new or old.

8. It Has Started Looking Too Shabby

Another sign that it’s time for a new vehicle is that it has started to look too shabby. If your car has started showing signs of wear and tear that you can no longer hide, then it’s time for a new one.

You may start noticing a shabby interior as well. If the springs have started to stick out, the fabric is coming apart, the windscreen has chipped, and there are visible signs of damage on the dashboard, roof, and door panels, it’s time to change your vehicle.


No one wants to give up their car, especially if it’s one you brought with a lot of effort. If you are a car enthusiast, it’s even more difficult to give up a car you love. However, keeping a car that is just incurring increasing costs of repair and insurance premiums is just not worth it.

Instead, you can put that money towards a newer car model that will be more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly. Also, you should feel safe when driving your car instead of being on edge whenever you take it out.

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