7 Types of Custom Paint Jobs For Your Vehicle

7 Types of Custom Paint Jobs For Your Vehicle

Buying a vehicle is a hefty investment. Sometimes the vehicle exactly fits your expectations while in some cases it requires small changes, like a custom paint job, to fit your requirements. A custom paint job can entirely redefine your car’s looks and make it unique. It’s also a great way to protect the original paint of your car while giving your car a new look.

When it comes to custom paint jobs, you have a ton of different options to choose from. Lucky for you, in this article, we’ll be listing down 7 different types of custom paint jobs that you can give your car, and make it stand out.


A metallic paint job is a mixture of a small amount of metal powder with the painting pigment. Metallic paint jobs offer a ton of colors and textures, with each color and texture having its own unique look and feel to it. Auto body painters use varying amounts of metal powders along with different types to produce new effects and colors. The most common element used in metallic paints, however, still remains aluminum.


Some might confuse matte paint with just a simple, dull-looking paint job. But in reality, there’s a lot more to it. And the kind of look that a matte paint job gives to your car, can’t be compared to any other paint job. From the looks of it, it feels that matte paint is just painted without the final clear coat. But actually, it is the final coat, that gives it its dull and satiny look. The final coat consists of divots that deflect light, giving your car a dull but beautiful look.


If you want to add a colorful look to your vehicle, you should go for a pearlescent paint job. Painting experts mix the pearl base with a transparent coloring agent which gives this paint it’s uniquely colorful glow. When in sunlight, a pearlescent paint job makes the car look like its changing color tones.


This particular paint job does actually create a color-changing illusion for onlookers. Depending on how the light is falling on the paint job and your viewing angle, the colors on the car will keep shifting. This paint job is done in a three-step process with a non-reflective base, a pearl paint layer, and a protective coating.

Flame Paint

For this paint job, painters first apply a thin coat of paint. After the base coat has dried, they draw a flame design on the base paint and then add colors and depth to the flames, by using different paints. In the end, the surface is buffed and a protective coating is applied.


A faded paint job is also a very unique and rare way of painting your car. The fade basically either runs from the front to the back or vice versa, or from the bottom to the top and vice versa. Two paints are used in this paint job and they’re faded in to perfectly blend with each other, making the color transition look seamless.          


Airbrushing is another great technique to give your car a unique paint job. With airbrushing you can add details and even entire murals to different parts of your vehicle. This paint job can be used to make your car stand out even more, by making some custom airbrushed designs. 

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