Used Volkswagen Golf

The Used Volkswagen Golf was manufactured for the first time in 1974, and till date it has became the second bestselling car of the world with its presence across globe. In United States of America it is known as Volkswagen Rabbit and in Canada it is called Volkswagen Caribe.


There are Seven Generations of Used Volkswagen Golf from 1974 to present. It has changed a lot with time from being 3 doors hatchback to 5 door hatchback, wagon, sedan and cabriolet. This has made the car preferable to a range of customers having different purpose of owning a car.

Talking about the overall features that makes up Used Volkswagen Golf World Car of the Year 2013 are:


The Used Volkswagen Golf has a smooth acceleration process making the car stand out with this feature. The suspension is strongly griped with fine compatibility of displacement with body size, enabling the well balanced drive. The four wheel drive availability augments the grip on the road. All this helps in smooth acceleration of the car.

The deceleration can be an issue as it is reported that a few models of Used Volkswagen Golf have engine issue of making noise.


Fuel efficiencyjjuThe car is a fuel efficient alternative as it is available in two wheels drives making the overall fuel consumption minimized. The car is available in 1100 CC to 1800 CC so the less displacement car is best for those looking for fuel economy. The overall Used Volkswagen Golf maintenance cost is less because of no reported mechanical issue, leading to believing the fact that griped joints are there.


The overall quietness in the car can be gauged as being well, as the interior of the car has everything to make comfortably and calmness happen to the best. The Anti-lock Braking System with Traction Control makes sure that the slipping factor on the road is minimized giving a peace of mind to the driver and passenger alike. The Air Bags in curtain sided and front form makes sure that in case of accident the people remain safe, giving the benefit to the greatest asset of human, THE LIFE. Hence serenity in used Volkswagen Golf in all aspects is well addressed.

 Detail Orientation

Whether you talk about space in the car to the overall appearance, used Volkswagen Golf has everything in complete consideration. The space in the car is well enough to adjust small family with small space of the luggage as well. The exciting colors include Wine, Red, Blue and Green Used Volkswagen Golf (, while the general colors have Silver, Black and White.