Beware of Car Buying Scam When Buying Used Toyota Camry

Used Toyota Camry Purchase Can Be Risky

37There can be a number of cars buying scam, everyday there is something new that we hear and come to know.  On one end the internet and technology are contributing to boost sales while on the other hand it is the biggest threat to the buyers who become victim of online scams once in a lifetime. The car buying scams do not includes complete fraud, but over priced selling, charging extra fee for something that is part of the deal, unnecessary clauses in the agreement and hide it from the buyer, car cloning, car financing scams are all part of this game.

Used Toyota Camry Clone – A New Kind Of Scam:

Car cloning is comparatively newer terms that is hardly discussed on the web therefore if you are planning to buy used Toyota Camry from Japan this summer you need to be very smart and keep an eye on all possible online scams that might be waiting to trap you.  Car cloning is a very tricky technique to fool innocent buyers, what happens let’s say a buyer demands for Used Toyota Camry car, the seller will steal VIN number o some other car. He will then contact the VIN cheat artist and he will prepare a creative car sticker containing that VIN number. He will then paste this   sticker on the stolen Used Toyota Camry. The Used Toyota Camry he is going to sell is the clone of some other car because now there are two cars of the same VIN number.

The other sort of car selling scams are charging more than the sticker price, some dealers add up accessories which are not necessary at all therefore getting them as part of car deal and paying extra hundred of dollars is something really silly. You can also face warranty scams and extended warranty scams while buying Used Toyota Camry. Since Used cars warranty is usually over, the next buyer has to apply for extended warranty otherwise expensive car repairs will be difficult to bear. In a case the seller is not willing to share the car history report, VIN number or he is not aware of the car warranty you should force to get one, probably it was  a salvaged , totaled or damaged car and you might be wasting money buying Toyota Camry ( from such a  dealer.