Used Suzuki Jimny- The Generation

The 1968 brought in used Suzuki Jimny as an off road vehicle, bringing Suzuki the name it carried through out the years. The car was initially manufactured under Hope Motor Company which sold similar ON360 having Mitsubishi engine. After the Suzuki had the right to this vehicle the Suzuki FB two cylinder two stroke was inculcated in the vehicle.


The first generation 1970 to 1981 used Suzuki Jimny was the first four wheel drive small car available in market at the first few years, with the spare tire inside truck to confer to certain tax incentives, coming with chassis LJ10. The LJ20 came in 1972 with grille cars change to vertical, with spare tires on the passenger seat allowing two rear seats facing each other in special edition version. The SJ10 initially came as an export version only with strict emission standards. The  used Suzuki Jimny came in 539 CC with 3 cylinder engine in same two stroke with reduced torque. The SJ20 was the final iteration  with export market version called LJ80. It had raise in off road performance with cruising in the mechanical aspect. The interior had new seats and steering wheel with metal door availability for the first time.


The used Suzuki Jimny second generation, came from 1981 to 1998 as a three door Sports Utility Vehicle and two door convertible. The front engine rear wheel drive was available in this market with  used Suzuki Jimny availability in four wheel drive. The car initially came with chassis SJ30, SJ40 with the last SJ413/Samurai. The 539 CC, 547 CC, 657CC and 658 CC came in I3 technology and 970 CC, 1298 CC, 1324 CC and 1905 CC in I4 technology. This enabled smooth technical process with improvements for better adding value to the experience of the  used Suzuki Jimny on road.

The last generation brought in a more narrowed version of engine with more grip on technology, coming as a 2 door SUV and 2 door convertible. The engine of the  used Suzuki Jimny had the displacement of 658 CC in I3 technology with 1298 CC, 1328 CC and 1461 CC in I4 technology. This facilitated in smooth drive with weight compatibility and suspension grip, providing quality used Suzuki Jimny ( experience. The car had transmission of 5 gear box manual and 4 gear box automatic transmission, giving the taste of both automation and human intervention meeting the requirement for both type of customers.

Hence over the generations a lot of changes came, meeting the requirement of customer base.