Used Mitsubishi Mirage

Used Mitsubishi Mirage-A Competitive Mini-car:

15The main reason which makes the Mirage a possible player in the small car segment is its size. Mitsubishi Mirage is just 146.1 inches long and 65.6 inches wide or a foot shorter than cars like the subcompact. Secondly it offers reasonable price to first time buyers. Car price is rising rapidly and with the increasing inflation car has become luxury though it is a necessity. The Mirage brings lucrative safety and engine performance features for the buyers.


Mitsubishi equipped Mirage with a pair of three cylinder engines, displacing at 1.0- and 1.2-liters. The larger three will likely to be sold in Canada and consequently in the United States. This engine is paired with an incessantly variable transmission. The car critics anticipate that this model will sip gas and bring fuel economy well above 40 mpg.


Used Mitsubishi Mirage has four doors and a lift back. This car would compete in the relatively new A-segment, mini-cars that include the Fiat 500, Scion iQ , Smart Fortwo and the Chevrolet Spark but these days sales in this segment is limited therefore the Mitsubishi is tentative to launched  the Mirage to the U.S. market.

Used Mitsubishi Mirage is Demanded Car:

Automotive manufacturers are consistently observing the market to get the feedback about most demanded cars in order to increase their sales in those areas. Possibly the most significant challenge to Mitsubishi was to create market demand for Mirage because there were already a number of such cars for the buyers. One more concern is endorsement as the company is investing millions promoting other products including its Outlander SUV.


Still, a Mitsubishi Mirage that is fairly priced and loaded with excellent facilities such as air-conditioning, power windows and an audio system might appeal to a segment of the car-buying population. used Mitsubishi Mirage for sale ( is popular among urban and rural drivers, it is not less than a blessing for everyone due to its compact size, easy parking and economical fuel consumption attributes.