Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Used Mazda Axela Car Dealer

Used Mazda Axela Is Cheap:

47Car has become a necessity now, it is no more a luxury and every working man and woman would like to own a car as soon as they start earning. Used cars are cheaper for such buyer as compare to invest in new cars which are comparatively expensive. There can be a number of ways to buy used cars but most buyers look towards the dealers.

Points to Remember When You Buy Used Mazda Axela:

When you are going to buy a used mazda axela from Japan kind of car from a dealer don’t forget to ask these questions from him if you want to close a deal that should be in your best favor:

1- How Many Times This Car Has Been Pre-Owned?

This is the most important question to ask, since it tells you the real condition of the car. The scratches can be repainted and hidden and parts can be repaired but the age of the car tells the true story. the number of owners it has been to reveals the mileage and its current situation.

2- Do You Have Complete Documentation of The Car?

Never forget to get the complete documentation of the car, the transfer of ownership is as important as driving your car home. You cannot leave the showroom without your car after making payment, similarly you should not think about ignoring the documentation once the car is in your possession.

3- Go Along With A Mechanic:

It’s better to go along a mechanic to check what is under the hood. Most used car buyers complain about the car’s engine condition. They say that the dealer promised the car engine is fit and working perfectly but within few months it starts troubling and they can blame anyone. Therefore checking before driving the car home is a must.

4- Always Take a Test Drive:

Do not forget to take a test drive with your used mazda axela, the car experts says that one should take at least 30 minutes test drive in a crowded place before buying the car. During the drive check for any weird sounds that are observed from the engine and odd smells inside the car or any loose brakes or clutches.

5- Extended Warranty or Insurance:

Ask the dealer if your used mazda axela ( is still under warranty or insurance. If the previous owner has bought some insurance policy it should be transferred to your name or if the car is still under warranty it should be handed over to you. this is very important as it saves you from buying insurance policy for your used mazda axela externally, rather than that you can maintain the existing one.