Used Mazda 626 Cars- Stylish Family Car

The Mazda is known across globe for the quality options it provides. Through investment in the domain of training and development has created improvements in different cars. The Mazda Capella that is commonly known as Mazda 626 is on the model, the manufacturer is proud of. It falls under the category of mid size vehicle in its last models, but the initial models came as a compact option. It came in range of bodies that are 2 door coupe, 4 door sedan, 5 door hatchback and 5 door station wagon respectively. It gave competition to Honda Accord, Nissan Bluebird and Toyota Corona since its first production in 1970. Its production came to an end in 2002, and since then the world has seen it as used Mazda 626 cars for sale.

Diversity in Performance

As it is used Mazda 626 cars that have roots backs almost 50 years, there were a number of engines available in the car. It is believed that older is better, but the new engines also created their position with same durability that was expected. The petrol and diesel engine were both available for better performance and fuel efficiency. The transmission further supports in better performance with 5 speed manual and 4 speed automatic option that works hand in hand with 1.8L and 1.9 L displacement engines. Most of the models had dominance of front engine and front wheel drive, while the all wheel drive was also there.

Family Experience

The moment one enters the car there is a home like feeling because the interior is well maintained. The used Mazda 626 cars for sale have all it takes to make it a sweetheart even today. The meters available in the vehicle tell about the engine temperature, mileage and fuel consumption. So the car does not heat up leading to fire. It also helps in knowing how many kilometers you have covered and what is the fuel usage rate.

Colors and Effect

The interior mostly has two opposite colors as option. It can be either the passive beige color that highlights the features instead of its own self or dominating black color that control the look and layout of interior. The exterior of used Mazda 626 cars are more creative in terms of colors and have red, blue, green and beige aside from traditional white, silver and black body.


It is a must by car for family people and those who believe in style.