Unregistered Cars Bounded by Zimbabwe

unregistered cars

The Zimbabwe car dealers and importers receive their imported vehicles on Walvis Bay, Namibia and then drive it to their destination via Botswana. After change in policies by Botswana Government regarding imported vehicles now the importers from Zimbabwe have to find some alternative route.

The is due to the recent ban by Botswana Government on Used vehicles import which are unregistered. The Botswana Government do not allow the passage of unregistered vehicles via their country anymore. Botswana’s secretary of Ministry of Transportation and Communications said, that passage of unregistered and unlicensed vehicles via Botswana to other countries is unlawful and prohibited. No matter the vehicles are destined for Botswana or meant to be transferred to other countries the policy will remain strict, according to the sections 6 and 16 , no violation of law will be tolerated any more.

No such vehicles are allowed on Botswana roads hence it is the responsibility of the DRTS (Department of Road Transport and Safety) to ensure proper implementation of the law said Tsaone, permanent secretary. These vehicles are not worthy to be issued temporary driving licenses since the quality assurance check will not be done until proper inspection is done. The authorities also she light on the growing number of street crimes, accidents and mishaps in the country.