Uganda Lake Albert boat capsized: 107 bodies found

boat capsized in uganda

More than 107 bodies including men, women and children have been found in the Lake Albert after a fully loaded boat capsized. The reversing was caused due to over burdening the boat eye witnesses and authorities said. The boat was overly populated with 120 people however the capacity was to carry only 80 people at a time.

The sad part is, 57 children were also traveling on the boat that drowned miserably, the bodies have been discovered and the rescue teams are still trying to find out more bodies. Such accidents are common in Uganda due to poor traveling and commutation options.

The sad demise of the overloaded boat took place when refugees from DRC, Democratic Republic of Congo were going back to their home towns. Several civilians took part in rescuing the refugees. Mr Onek, Uganda’s refuge minister directed the rescue authorities to pace p the work in order to find out more dead bodies and to communicate with the loved ones of those traveling on the boat.