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A subcompact class of car was first introduced in North America in 1970. In Europe and Japan the concept of a mid-size car was adopted at fast speed by manufacturers. Prior to that there used to be only two classifications of car which included small cars and the big ones. The small used to be the most economical and with less functions. Back then, big cars meant a car with everything luxurious. The introduction of subcompact cars was a big change in the automobile industry. Due to their introduction the customers could now choose maximum facilities even if they did not want the structure of a big car.


You might have got an idea that under our discussion coming up will be a subcompact car. Toyota Runx is not an ordinary sub compact car; in fact it was a revolutionary introduction in the subcompact class cars of the world. RunX has several trim levels and its origins are in Toyota Corolla series. The Toyota Corolla has now entered its 11th generation. Therefore it is an easy guess that during the course of its manufacturing process the car has faced extreme developments in its interiors and engine as well. It is impossible to cover all the generations, so we will focus on the Toyota Runx from generations that have reasonably modern specifications.

Engine and other technical qualifications of Toyota RunX
The first Toyota RunX faced the world roads in 2004. At first it was a 5 door hatchback and had beautiful exteriors which grabbed the attention of seekers at once. With multi-gear shifts (up to 5) were available in this car. There was a keyless entry and power steering and windows also provisioned with the car. The air conditioning was manual however there was a powerful entertainment factor available in the form of a CD player in this sedan. The dual air bags, ABS are the additional factors that add to its value.

toyota engine

In 2005 the power of the car was enhanced but there was a lacking of the interior power controls such as power windows were not available in the car. The car had a better fuel economy this time.

In the next few versions there were not big changes made available in the car until the sports version showed up in 2007. This time the additions increase the performance factor were valuable. Plus the car could be centrally locked and dual airbags for front passengers were also available. The immobilizer to enhance the security of the vehicle was also added.

In the same year (2007), the car was blessed with complete automated features in the interiors. From air conditioning to front and rear windows the car had everything automatic. The raise assumed in the power of the engine can do amplifying speed on the roads.

Toyota RunX ( with its entire safety and performance feature can definitely qualify as your family car. As now it is available for extremely low prices at Japan’s most recognized traders outlet.