Toyota Pickup for sale

How to clean your Toyota Pickup?

Everyone prefers a neat and clean car this is because we all know that buying a car is a big investment so it is necessary to maintain it.

  • First of all it is very important to park your Toyota Pickup in a cool and shady area.
  • The next step is to wash your car  regularly, for this you will need bucket filled with water, car wash    detergent,  a polish vacuum, three cloths, hose, professional wheel cleaner, window cleaner, tire black, crumpled newspaper, trim preservative, car polish and car wax.
  • Another important thing is to clean the interior of your car. Take a cloth and clean the interior side of the windows with a glass cleaner. Make sure to roll each window down a bit to reach any dirt which is on the top. Use crinkled newspapers to polish the glass when it’s dry. Then take a cloth and squirts of polish; clean the dashboard, central console, and other plastic parts.
  • Now you have clean the exterior of your Toyota Pickup ( dispense some car wash into your bucket and fill it up with water. Using the hose and starting from the roof down, rinse off your car to take away any remaining dust, dirt or grime. Dip the sponge into the soapy water in the bucket and begin to wash the car in little sections before you rinse the soapy water off. Start with the roof. Always remember to incessantly dunk your sponge back into the bucket to remove any dirt or grit. Rinse the whole car with a hose one ending time.

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