Toyota Corolla Levin- The Sporty Vintage Car

The fifth generation Corolla lineup came as Toyota Corolla Levin. As it belonged to the famous Corolla family so the expectation was high. It wanted to capture the modern chunk of market that had small family and friend circle. The 2 door coupe and 3 door hatchback model was introduced for the purpose. The generation was AE86 where the code was decipher as “A” representing 4A series engine, “E” depicted Corolla itself, the “8” stood for the fifth generation E80 series, while “6” was meant to represent different variations within generation.

The consideration of details made this “Levin” means “lightning” a Corolla that would flash tantalizing experience.It was able to do it since its first production in 1983.

Star of Many Games

As used Toyota Corolla Levin it had an edge in terms of being part of many acclaimed video games.The Grand Theft Auto IV and Auto V had this car to be a source to make theft thrill magnify.The famous Need for Speed: Underground 2 had it too performing complex maneuvers and clever turns.Then it was featured in multi-players version of a number of further developed genres of games.Whether it is World, Pro Street,Carbon or any other version this car can be recalled at multiple places.

Performance Real-Time

As in the past rear wheel drive was considered the best for performance, so it gave smoothness in driving experience. It stands tall as being among the last rear wheels in passenger cars.The rear suspension is strut coil spring type while the front one is also the same.The best absorption of shocks makes a calm drive even when the roads are bumpy.The front ventilated disk and rear disk brake work together to enhance the power to stop.The right combination of aerodynamics and curves makes the flow of air perfectly managed in used Toyota Corolla Levin. Hence that is the reason it has been part of motorsports too.


It has fixed headlights that are durable as compare to the retractable lights in other models.The used Toyota Corolla Levin was manufactured keeping the long term experience enhancement. So even being an old car, it functions best as compare to modern day stylish hollow featured cars.The exterior has roof rail, solid tires and attractive colors to please eyes.The interior has analogue meters telling about fuel consumption, mileage and engine temperature to the best.The automatic and manual transmissions are both available, though many vote for manual transmission being hard to compete with any other car.

The stylish colors of red, blue, brown and yellow makes it the car that is king of past and heart throb of today.