Top 5 Common Car Problems You Should Consider While Maintaining Toyota Chaser Avante

Maintaining A Car Like Toyota Chaser Avante Can Be Expensive:

29Car purchase and maintenance both requires a lot of money and this unpredictable expense is in front of you after every few months on one thing or the other. Sometimes the issue is minor and you take to garage end up with a heavy bill while sometimes you are simply delaying a major issues which can even result in a car accident or mishap. The point is one must be aware of the most common car issues while maintaining Toyota Chaser Avante type of car. This will not only save you money there won’t be any mishaps, incident or big lose due to lack of knowledge.

Most Common Toyota Chaser Avante Problems:

The most common car problems every Toyota Chaser Avante owner has to face sooner or later are:

1- Ignition Problem:

Though it is a minor problem but most car owners do not bother to fix it at first, the car might give you cranks before it is started but it won’t and you end up exhausted trying again and again. The key might not get fixed, it will not move or the key will be stuck inside.

2-Battery failure:

When the car fails to start the possible problem might be battery, it takes to start, make weird noises and requires someone to forcefully push from the back of car. If these symptoms are frequently observed this is the right time to change battery or at least should get it repair.

3- Windscreen breakage

The windscreen breakage or crack is a minor issues which is neglected by most of the Toyota Chaser Avante car owners, they do not bother to pay attention though it can be observed at glance but if it is ignore continuously it can be a serious threat to the driver and passengers, a minor crack can turn into a completely broken windscreen glass.

4- Leakage Problems:

There can be several sources of leakage in the car it can be through coolant area, oil leakage or petrol leakage. These are in a very small proportion and initially it is not something you pay attention to but if it is not repaired immediately it can cause massive flow of oil and petrol or water leakage from these areas.

5- Headlights and Car Bulbs:

The headlights and car bulbs in Toyota Chaser Avante ( in Africa type of car do not bother for a very long period of time they but in a case while driving you observe dim light either it is your eyesight issue or you need to replace your car headlights and bulbs. This can be dangerous while driving at night and you should not ignore it especially when you are going on a long drive.