The Demand of Toyota Camry 2002 in Trade Car Shows

The Trade Show Tradition and Toyota Camry 2002

84The tradition of car trade shows is not very old; it is rather a new concept. The car manufacturing companies are always looking for new ways to market their existing and upcoming products, one such approach is to organize or participate in on-going car trade shows globally. It is very important to do some homework, before the event and post event preparations and carefully choose the trade show for your brand.

Many car companies do not realize the importance of selecting the most appropriate trade show, therefore they end-up with showcasing their products only and are unable to generate any business or get the real advantage of this marketing tactic.

Points to Ponder Before Marketing Toyota Camry 2002:

For instance if we talk about showcasing Toyota Camry 2002 in Africa in the upcoming car trade shows one should know the following facts:

The Toyota Camry 2002 ( is a series of Toyota Camry car launched by Japanese company Toyota in 1982. Since 1982 till present the car has been re-launch with different designs, color variations and undergone various changes. The name Camry which is termed as Kanmuri in Japanese means ‘crown’. The Toyota company usually name its special models with  exclusive words just like it named Toyota Corona and Toyota Corolla , their Japanese meaning are ‘crown’ or ‘small crown’.

The main markets for Toyota Camry 2002 are EU, Germany, US and Africa. Although Japanese used cars are not very popular in these regions except Africa but Camry is one such model which has some significant importance over other Japanese cars.

Due to the increasing demand of Toyota Camry in developed countries the company is invited to take part in the trade shows organized in US, EU, Russia and Africa. These trade shows bring good clientele for this model and gives encouragement to the company to bring innovations and admirable changes in the car and maintain its quality in future.