The New Economic Supporter Namibia

Namibia is a country with valuable natural resource, even having diamond in the land. But because of insufficient markets to sell, the most expensive resources get meaningless. Understanding the need, the government of Namibia has turned towards China, the new investor that has been unveiled for developing countries.


Gone are the days when West and Europe were the source for co-operation in development sector. As according to the authorities of Namibia China has much promising to offer including support in manufacturing, information technology, construction and agriculture. The Prime Minister of Namibia has gone on an eight day visit to Beijing, the Capital of China.  A number of delegates have accompanied him, to make sure that mutually beneficial deal is signed. China is investing much more in Africa because of the hope of tapping new markets, which means more customers for it’s expertise.

This will bring in the flow of information and expertise from high developed economy of China to this struggling economy of Namibia. Hence the bi-lateral co-operation has the long term prospect of technology upgrade and strong infrastructure development in this African country. This will bring in boom in other industries including the automobile industry of the country. As for the infrastructure growth, transportation facilitators like trucks and vans will be required.

There are positive expectations that this agricultural country Namibia will have industrial revolution in the next 10 years, if the strategies of such sort are entertained. Spirits are high and the best is awaited for the economy of Namibia.

We as the car exporter even see a lot much promising in near future.