Pros and Cons of Buying Suzuki Swift 2009 Used Car

Consider the Pros and Cons Before Investing In Used Suzuki Swift 2009:

51If you are thinking to buy Suzuki Swift car there must be some pros as well as cons that you must consider before investing your money. The used car dealers and selling companies will never reveal and share these pros and cons they will most probably try their level best to sell you the car; however in certain condition buying a new vehicle is better than saving few thousands of dollars. On the other had sometimes you get a very luring deal that you do not think about a new car and you get something beyond your expectation in a limited amount of money.

The Pros of Buying Suzuki Swift 2009 Used Car:

1- Check for Discount deals and Classified:

If you are planning to buy Suzuki Swift 2009 used car you should know that there are a number of discount deals, sale and auction organized in your city. For availing such an opportunity you should keep an eye on your local newspapers classified section. This will save you a good amount of money on each purchase.

2-You can always buy an extended warranty on Used Cars:

This is not an excuse to leave used car and go for a new car, if the manufacturer’s warranty is expired there is nothing to worry about, one can always buy an extended warranty to cover up repair cost and maintenance responsibility.

3- There is Wide Range of Used Cars:

There is a wide range of used cars available online and on showrooms as well. The used cars range is slightly greater than the new cars, reason is every month there are bulk of cars comes to auctions, online classified and online used cars selling portals and this massive flow of vehicles has to be sold out before the next used car lot come in market.

Cons of Buying  Suzuki Swift 2009 Used Car:

1- Used Cars Are Provided Without History:

In some cases used cars are provided without any history, if you have got such a dealer or used cars selling company which is offering Suzuki Swift 2009 used car without any history you have to do some extra effort. There are services online like carfax, kelly blue book which charge a nominal amount and will deliver the complete car history within no time. Spending few bucks is better than bearing any loss and spends money repairs and frequent visits to the mechanic.

2- The Resale Value is Less Than the New car’s re-Sale value:

If you have got a new used Suzuki Swift 2009 ( of course you are going to get a better re-sale value, although as soon as the car leaves the showroom it becomes pre-owned and within one year of driving the value of car depreciate rapidly but still if you have got a used car the re-sale value after 2-3 years will be 30% – 40% less than the new car.