Suzuki Jimny For Sale- The Demanded Small Off Road Van

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation having head office in Japan with specialization in manufacturing automobile, four wheel four engine vehicles, motorcycles, outboard marine engine, wheelchairs and all terrain vehicles (ATVs). All this makes Suzuki the tenth biggest automaker by production worldwide.


The Suzuki Jimny for sale initially came in 1968 as a Kei car, after it acquired technology from Hope Motor Company which was known for it’s off road specialty. The Suzuki Jimny for sale was small enough yet with the complete features to make the vehicle best off road.  Its star characteristics made it the first Suzuki of global success.

Jimny2000The Mechanics

The vehicle comes as a compact SUV in 359 CC, 539 CC and 797 CC with I2, I3 and I4 technology. The Suzuki Jimny for sale had these model sales till 1981 as a manual transmission. The second generation however brought in 3 door SUV and 2 door van version in diverse displacement of 539 CC, 547 CC, 657 CC and 658 CC in inline 3 technology with 970 C, 1298 CC, 1324 CC and 1905 CC in inline 4 technology all in 4 and 5 manual gear box option.

suzuki-jimny-wiring-diagramThe Design

The Suzuki Jimny for sale initially came as an open top option, though the metal in body was strong enough which improved over the years. The body color came as Silver, White, Green, Red and Yellow with price fluctuation according to color and production rate. The White vehicle for example is produced in the highest amount with the privilege of being the cheapest of all colors. The Alloy Wheel outside with Roof Rail not only give tough look but also lead to stylish look on road with additional space to store luggage. The interior features includes Power Window for better u and down of glass with less force; Power Steering for smooth turns with minimal hand force requirement and TV along with Navigation on single screen to provide infotainment with accessibility to favorite program and accessibility to nearest petrol pumps; hotels and hospital.

4.9 Final Design - Side with BIke

The Security

The safety and security is at the best, with Suzuki Jimny for sale features like Air Bags and Seat Belts providing shield in case of accident with minimization of jerk. The Anti-lock Braking System and Traction Control further assist, preventing brake failure and slip on rough or wet road.


Hence Suzuki Jimny for sale ( has acquired a loyal customer base because of this reason.