Rice is the Most Preferred Cash Crop in Uganda

rice crop

Rice is now becoming a preferred cash crop in Uganda due to increasing demand and supply at the same time. abut 10 years ago rice was a festive season cuisine however with the passage of time, the harvesting increased and now it has become the most preferred cash crops. the land covered for ploughing the rice crops grew from 15,00 hectares to 220,000 hectares in a decade which is a very positive and remarkable achievement. Since rice is now a cash crop and it is easy for women to harvest it is boosting the purchasing power of the household therefore improving their overall monthly income.

The best part about locally harvesting the cash crop is that it saved $30 million which were spent on importing rice from other countries. The Ugandans are waiting for such rice species which can grow fast and can serve them better while trading. Some rice species takes between 90-100 days to grow which is time taking. The locals are also expecting advanced machinery to help in improving the harvesting process which will ultimately increase the supply to the market.