Nissan March- The Small Car with Big Advantages

The Nissan March, also known as Nissan Micra in Japan market is a super mini available in front engine and front wheel layout in diverse markets. The car is best for the nuclear family or one who lives alone, as this car can fit in anywhere when we talk of parking space. While the inside space, is more than enough to fit people with ease.

Nissan Leaf Arial Long BeachThis small car, brings in multiple benefits making it a car with huge advantage.


 Appearance of Body

nissan body The Nissan March is mini size, available as a 3 to 5 door hatchback and 3 door panel van in the 1980s.  Later it came 2 door cabriolet, 4 door sedan and 5 door station wagon, making the Nissan March a suitable option for multiple need customers. The year 2003 generation, narrowed the body style to hatchback and coupe, which in the last generation shrunk to 5 door hatchback only.  Hence multiple change of looks with body style modifications made Nissan March  from a broader version option to specified one with more consideration to specific chunk of market.


Fuel Consumption

article-1367220-0B3842F300000578-134_468x286Because of being a small engine vehicle, this car consume less fuel. Therefore in this era of global inflation, when petrol prized have a giant leap, Nissan March can be the car that can cost you less to maintain. This lead to an economical drive with tension of filling more and more fuel reduced.


Safe Drive

4069_SDC_guyThe safety features comes handy, so whether you talk about Air Bags for protecting life through a nylon weaved cushion coming to rescue in case of accident or an Anti-lock Braking System that minimize the probability of accident causing factor in this car. No matter where you are going in the vehicle, your tension for safety is minimized by the features offered.



The Nissan March ( gives an optimum performance experience, with the horse power of 52 hp to 110 hp, depending on the vehicle type of hatchback or cabriolet. With time the vehicle has an optimization of performance with fine balance between displacement and body weight. The strong suspension further gives a YES signal to the jerk free, smooth drive.


 Global Demandnissan-march-thai-exportsThe Nissan March is a running stock in Australia, Canada, China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Ireland, United Kingdom and North America as a brand new vehicle. But the applaudable fact is that even in used car market this car has a great share in Turkey, Cyprus, Fiji, Jamaica, New Zealand, Russia and Mozambique.