Nissan Caravan – An Admired Nissan Van

Nissan Caravan range was first introduced in 1973, though it was replaced by NV350 in 2011. It was Tokyo Motor show that it was premiered. It gained popularity in diesel engine with long body chassis that satisfied target market well. It was also available as a petrol engine with fuel efficiency. It has been giving tough time to its competitor Toyota Hiace, a model that has been there long before. The manufacturing of Carvan cars started keeping the Hiace in mind. Since the beginning, the purpose was to supersede the expectation of minivan customers. So even as used Nissan Caravan cars for sale it has a unique standing in market. It came as a fuel saver option and gained success to the extent that Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation and Nissan Motor Co. Ltd agreed to have technology shared with Mitsubishi Fuso Van.

Same Body Different Purpose

The NV stands for Nissan Van, while the 350 means it is a 3.5 tons total weight van. It has towing capacity of 1.25 tons. The wide body has larger door and high roof that makes it a more comfortable option. But the features and basic layout remains the same throughout. As it is a multi-purpose vehicle; used Nissan Caravan cars; it can be used for leisure and work alike. It can work as a passenger van, cargo van, ambulance, a minibus and much more as according to the need.

Style and Comfort

The stylish option has angled strut grille, bi-xenon headlamps, broad light, classy mirror, unique alloy wheels and much more in the exterior. The colors of car body include light and dark shades of red, blue, and green. The uni-color used Nissan Caravan cars for sale include white, silver and black. The comfort is optimized by power window, power steering, indicators, seat lining and dashboard. The power window helps in transition of window without much force needed. The power steering is there to make maneuvering sharp by making tires more responsive.


As many as 14 passengers can fit in with generous space for head and leg movement. The anti-lock braking system, brake assist and front ventilated disc brakes aids in better stability with power to brake well. The SRS airbags are there with load limiter tension adjuster seatbelts and emergency locking retractors makes us protected to best in case of accident. The Preowned Nissan Caravan cars therefore have everything that makes it a safe van.