Multiple Sides-Nissan Murano for Sale

Nissan Murano is the cross-over SUV launched in 2003, with first generation on Nissan FF-L platform. The Murano is a region of Venice in Italy which is famous for hand blown glass, carving uniqueness to the best. Nissan Murano for Sale in America and Canada was the first cross-over SUV at that time. Although later Nissan Rogue in US and Xtrail in Canada was launched a few years later, but Nissan Murano still hold the first mover advantage position in these markets.


Mechanical side

The Nissan Murano For sale from the beginning was available in front wheel drive and all wheel drive. Its fuel economy is rated as 23 mpg on an average having two wheel drive the highest fuel efficiency level, while an independent suspension on four wheel drives give grip on the road.

The second generation has touch screen navigation, iPod integration with the overall torque rated at 248 ft-ibf in 2.5L Nissan Murano for Sale. The Continuously Variable Transmission was revised with Adaptive Shift Control.

Physical Side

The Nissan Murano for Sale is available in 4 doors SUV, with 2 door convertible addition in second generation. Previously the CVT was only transmission but now 6 gear automatic is also available. The car generally comes in White, Silver and Black color though there are few rare colors like wine, dark green and blue also available for customers looking for uniqueness.

The vehicle is uni body with interior and exterior accessories fully supporting the car experience making the car a bit expensive in terms of price. But the overall physicality of the car makes the price justified.

Safety Side

The availability of Electronic Stability Control with Anti-lock Braking System makes sure that the vehicle does not slip on road due to brake issue, while Air Bags in front sided and curtain sided make sure that life is protected to the best in case of any hazard. Hence the Nissan Murano for Sale ( has is giving 4 stars in crash test of second generation, though in first generation it was 5 stars.

 Appreciation Side

The Nissan Murano for Sale has greater market value because it got many rewards and recognition as a brand. In 2007 it was considered by Auto Pacific as Motorist Choice best premium mid size SUV, in 2010 Murano received the highest rating in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 2010 Murano received NHTSA five star rating.