Mitsubishi Canter Double Cab- The Truck

The first vehicle of Mitsubishi Canter Double Cab was launched in 1963 and till today it has been used in multiple markets for heavy weight lifting purpose. The car comes from Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation a German owned Japan based manufacturer of truck and buses.


The Mitsubishi Canter Double Cab, though has advantages of a typical heavy duty truck, but the passenger carriage is the niche it offers that is not available in its Single Cab sibling.


The More Space For Passengers


The vehicle comes with the more space advantage carrying 3-4 people with quiet ease. The basic purpose of designing Mitsubishi Canter Double Cab was to carry Crew and workers without hassle as in case of heavy duty trucks which though gives weight carrying advantage but brought in less space for more than two passengers. So an option was introduced to cater this need with perfection. Initially the vehicle had three seats only but with time greater improvement was noticed.


The Load Carriage


The Mitsubishi Canter Double Cab tow away tons of load with it diesel engine option further making the heavy duty machinery or general inventory carriage easy. This advantage work best in places where infrastructure growth is required, making the truck usage bring in advantage that no other car body can offer. So the developing countries like Myanmar, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania like such types of unit. Even the developed countries like Russia, America and Europe had even used in this vehicle for their advantage.


The Tough Drive for Rough Roads


Whether it is the general sold Mitsubishi Canter Double Cab in diesel or the petrol version, this vehicle brought in on drive experience on Tough roads. Hence whether it is a rough road with dry atmosphere or the tire grip on wet or dry surface Mitsubishi Canter Double Cab satisfy all with great ease. The mechanical soundness is another advantage that comes handy with vehicle.


The General Accessories


The vehicle though not being flashy comes with complete features necessary for smooth drive. The Power Steering makes the turns of this heavy vehicle with greater ease, with Power Windows to make window shifting easy.  The powerful suspension further gives the car a performance boost. The leather seats work on enhancement of comparability for drivers and passengers alike. It is reported that the vehicle interior is spacious enough bringing in ease, though the parking can become an issue for this large size vehicle.


The Mitsubishi Canter Double Cab ( is a truck with space, making it have a unique standing as a weight lift mechanism with additional seating for more passangers.