KIA Sportage For Sale-The Light Off Road Vehicle

KIA Sportage was a compact Sports Utility Vehicle manufactured by Korean make, Kia Motors in 1993.Since its initial launch till today the KIA Sportage for sale has become a running stock in America,Germany,China, Ukraine,Philippines and United Kingdom,where the assembly also happens.

The car came with following features that made KIA Sportage for sale demand high.

Engine Construction


The KIA Sportage for sale, at first came as a convertible 3 door and 5 door station wagon in 2.0 L inline four engine technology with Mazda F engine in petrol and Mazda diesel engine RF.  The double overhead camshaft was there, in petrol engine to maximize efficient outcome in less engine size,giving powerful performance at the superior level. Later the engine improved to straight-4 named as Beta engine in Hyundai and small V6 engine named Delta engine with introduction of 2700 CC. The straight 4 technology came in Gasoline Direct Injection with or without turbo in petrol engine. The  diesel engine included 1.7 L and 2.0 L in V8 engine technology. This continuous improvement of engine brought in the increase of demand in KIA Sportage for sale.



The KIA Sportage for sale initially came as a 4 speed automatic and 5 speed manual transmission bringing in choice to choose shift that better suits one. The automatic transmission brought in without human intervention experience getting a touch of machine induced working,while the manual one brought in self induced gear shift with the feeling of power. The 6 speed manual transmission was a boost to power feeling in later generation,which in last generation brought in 6 gear shift option with removal of 4 speed in automatic transmission. This maximized  KIA Sportage for sale price effect with demand.



The interior features of the car includes Leather seat for comfortability with Climate Control to make the internal environment cozy irrespective of outside atmosphere. The TV and Navigation brings in entertainment with information, from favorite program watching to the adjacent petrol pump finding. The safety on the other hand is at its best with Airbags on curtain sided and front sided form to protect the upper part of body with a flexible nylon fabric. The Anti-lock Braking System with Traction Control further gives shield from slipping on road reducing brake failure.

The exterior of the  KIA Sportage for sale (, has Roof Rail to carry additional load, the illuminating lights in front and rear side accompanied by Fog light; with side skirts and Rear Spoiler to make  KIA Sportage for sale fully loaded.

Thus, KIA Sportage for sale comes as a light off road vehicle, providing quality experience.