Kia Sportage Premium- The Superior Safety

Since its release in 1993, Kia Sportage Premium gained popularity as a Korean vehicle. The  Kia Motors stands at number two position in South Africa, having more than thirty percent share owned by the fourth largest automobile company Hyundai Motor Corporation.

The car was basically developed on Mazda Bongo platform, with similar mechanics of engine, transmission and much more in the early Kia Sportage Premium models. The first generation from 1993 to 2004 model came as a 3 door convertible and 5 door wagon with I4 technology engine displacement of 2.0 L in two types of Petrol and one diesel engine. Though the vehicle sold less back home, aside from global market with  crash test rating of one out of five.

979a9du-960Understanding the significance of failure, the second generation Kia Sportage Premium, from 2004 to 2010 has a completely refreshed look with technicality consideration.The overall output optimized with more comfort, quietness and fun in the vehicle. The internal aura was compatible with external atmosphere to make sure that all turned out to be best one. The Temperature Control System with Air Conditioner added a calm and cozy environment with the safety condition at the best. The car had Air Bags with Seat belts having efficient handling and having tensioner; with features that gave the top crash test rating to the previously unsafe Kia Sportage Premium.The car also considered the budget of average consumer hence worked on providing quality option at cheap price. It is considered second price optimized stock across globe in the top 20 inexpensive cars.

Talking about the technical side, Kia Sportage Premium brought in 2.0 L Beta inline four, 2.7 L Delta V6 engine both in petrol and 2.0 L CRDI inline four in diesel.The two wheel drive came as a front engine and front wheel with four wheel drive as another option. The general transmission were 4 gearbox automatic; 5 speed and 6 speed both in manual transmission.

The last generation of Kia Sportage Premium from 2010 to present, brought in 4 door crossover with 1.6 L, 2.0 L and 2.4L in petrol, to keep the fuel efficiency conscious people at par; the 2.0 L turbo for speed lovers and 1.7 L along with 2.0 L in turbo diesel bringing in a performance vehicle.The transmission of this generation included 6 speed in both automatic and manual transmission with 5 speed in manual transmission bringing in class as according to choice. There were two choices in Kia Sportage Premium, the first one for those who wanted to have a taste of automation making drive less tiring, while the other looking for a more controlled option like in past; bringing in shift of gear when need felt.

The car was awarded the toughest car to meet an accident with weight and displacement perfect balancing, and all features compatibility to make Kia Sportage Premium ( a safe vehicle.