Kia Carens 2013 Compact MPV Comes to Spain



Kia Carens 2013: so will the range of compact MPV Spanish. Quite a few months after its official launch, the new generation Kia Carens dealers finally come to Spanish. Starting next April, the compact MPV options grows with the addition of the Kia Carens 2013, a model that has been significantly redesigned, both in size and habitability and equipment with which to try to convince potential buyers . The intention of those responsible has been keeping prices competitive, develop a car achieve high quality finishes and better equipment.


The truth is that Kia has taken the time to confirm the arrival of the Kia Carens 2013 to Spain. Recall that this model was presented at the last Paris Motor Show 2012, held in late September, and that their official pictures and had seen something before. Six months hence to confirm all the details of a range of that now, finally, we have almost complete information.


Deep Carens Renewal


The Kia Carens its current generation remained in effect since 2006 , having made ​​just one aesthetic facelift a couple of years, so it needed a major evolution for the model became obsolete compared to alternatives such as the Ford B- Max , the Opel Meriva compact MPV and others that line. With this new generation, the third, Kia has managed to take that leap forward, updating its design and dimensions to provide a car according to the demands of the buyers in that segment.


The used Kia Carens in Ugnada, Africa increases in size, achieving greater livability and ability to carry seven adults comfortably, although, as usual, the central square of the second row of seats just something else. It also grows its equipment, which is not fully defined, but which will have elements like integrated browser, the heated steering wheel, bi-xenon headlights, sunroof and the usual safety systems (ABS, EBS and airbagse.t.c).


Engine Range




What it is fully confirmed is the range of engines that will come with the Kia Carens 2013 for Spain. A mechanical supply consists of a block in gasoline and two diesels. As an alternative to gasoline will have the 1.6 GDI 135 hp, accompanied by input six-speed manual transmission, while diesel will choose the 1.7 CRDi with 110 or 136 hp, in both cases with six-speed manual gearbox.


With all those details confirmed (design, size and range of engines) and considering that is about a month to be put up for sale, in the next few weeks we will receive the information on their levels of finish and official prices. Two aspects should confirm that goal they always try to offer Kia cars, and have become one of its hallmarks, the good relationship between qualities and price.


Anyone can see easily that the sale’s graph of Japanese used cars and even the used Kia carens ( is going up which is due to the demand mainly from Russia, New Zealand, South America and especially from African countries like Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa.