How A Japanese Used Cars Trader Can Avoid A Bitter Deal Of Buying A Used Lemon Car in Japan?

Japanese Used Cars Trader

102Japanese used cars trader must be well aware of what is a lemon car? A car is considered to be a lemon if there is some defect in it that affects its usage, safety and value to a large extent. Japanese used cars trader will also consider a car as lemon if it is repaired over 4 times for same defect under warranty period and still the defect does not get fixed. These problems may cause your car not to go over certain MPH, causes the problem of not starting in cold weather, and doesn’t go into gear, breaks not working properly, the wobbly steering wheel and the like.

Japanese used cars trader can avoid purchasing a lemon by 4 following ways:

  1. Vehicle History Report

Through Vehicle history report you can get a lemon check. Some of the places offer these services free of cost. Actually you have to check database history of a particular car. If a lemon check shows the positive sign, a Japanese used cars trader should run for that car.

  1. Consumer Report and Reviews

Compare reviews and check consumer report on the different makes and models you are interested in buying.

  1. Car Complaint Data

Thoroughly review the data for complaint about that particular car and this can be done easily by calling 888-327-4236 or visiting the website

  1. Investigate About Technical Service Bulletins

If you have already purchased a lemon car, you need to prove it by following the service instructions so they believe that defect is not your fault. With this you have to keep receipts and invoices of trying to fix the problem under the warranty, and have proof the defect was repeatedly not removed and you should also record the odometer reading. Now there are laws to protect consumers against car makers for breach of warranties. Depending upon the country these laws are different but what is common among all is that the manufacturer will have to buy back that used car or replace it with the other. Even a lemon law guide is also available for your help online.

These issues can also be solved through a Japanese used cars trader or dealer. If he doesn’t satisfy you, then you can directly contact to the manufacturer by calling on the number available at the back of your service manual. If they are also not able to satisfy you, they will recommend arbitration. This is where you can present your case to a board of consumer representatives, who is a new car dealer or expert. Still if they keep you in the dark, then you can decide to sue as well. There are attorneys who are specialist of lemon laws, and they can be found out on the internet.

If you are a Japanese used cars trader, then you must know all above facts, otherwise, a lemon car will only lead you to trade in your bread and butter with sour lemonade. Japanese used cars trader ( can make a lot out of used automobile industry if and only if they have knowledge, experience and updates about the nuts and bolts of this industry.