How Does a Japanese Used Cars Dealer Value a Car? (Part 2)

Japanese Used Cars Dealer

99Apart from the normal trade considerations about how much profit is planned on every deal of Japanese used car, it is more important to spend time and efforts to ensure that the car is prepared and presented properly. Depending on the region there are differences and irregularities like manual cars are the best deals in some places than the automatic cars, likewise in some countries people prefer to buy vehicles with diesel engine while in some places petrol or gasoline is the safer deal.

In past Kelly blue book and NADA guides were the great source of estimating the value of Japanese used cars.  But now there isn’t a single used car dealer in Japan or any other country that uses this outdated method of evaluation the value.

Usually Japanese used cars dealer use to look for the values from the auctions held recently. The values found in that auction are the basis for the offers. This is done by many Japanese used cars dealer due to following reason.

Reasons of Japanese Used Cars Dealer

The first reason behind is if you take your car for trading, and don’t able to sell it in someone’s lot, he or she will be able to know what it is worth at that auction. Thus auction is the safety net so that one don’t get burned too badly when he sell his or her car. Another reason is that an auction can let us know what we can expect to buy a similar car model.

The values of the used cars deals in Japanese auction are updated daily. Any Japanese used cars dealer should be well worse to participate in these auctions. Japanese used cars dealer ( can have the best idea about the values of used cars through these auctions.