How does a Japanese Used Car Dealer Value a Car? (Part 1)

Japanese Used Car Dealer

100This is often wondered by people that how Japanese used car dealer values a car in his stock. Do they just pull a price out of the air by hit and trial method and wait for a buyer feedback or if there is some exact method used at Japanese used car dealer.

Before stocking a Japanese used car dealer must need to decide what is the trade price the buyers will be willing to pay and making the decision about this is based on the following factors.

Factors of Japanese Used Car Dealer

  • The situation and conditions of the market a Japanese used car dealer is operating in.
  • What they learn and find in the trade guides available around.
  • The finding of the research on internet for the selling prices in Japan that used car dealers prefer to adopt.
  • Experience of the Japanese used car dealer allows him to know what actually value of the used car is.
  • From where and whom they are buying from, and how low a price they can offer to successfully close the deal.
  • Exploring stock profiling and looking at how many similar used cars models have sold for in recent days.
  • The specification, condition and demand of the car itself.

After these factors are brought into consideration these Japanese used car dealer ( decide on how they will put a retail margin across the used car, and then again the supply does matter. The price of the car also depend on how many they already have in their stocks, how many are for sale in their own network and a sense check against similar models on the World Wide Web within their own circle.